Nutrition & Healthy Eating : Health Benefits of Broccoli

The health benefits of broccoli are vast, as it is a dark leafy green vegetable rich in important vitamins and minerals, and it is also rich in fiber. Fix broccoli in a …

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  1. hey ,if anyone else wants to learn about coconut oil and health try Corbandy Coconut Crusher (do a google search ) ? Ive heard some unbelievable things about it and my work buddy got cool success with it.

  2. So let me understand this, you fry Broccoli and add butter to it. wow. talk about ruining a healthy veg. Why not just deep pan fry it while you are at it. I steam veg and would never add butter. You can make great sauces with natural yougurts, add nuts and seeds to taste.. FRY and add BUTTER. Oh my God and this page is for health eating. lol kinda funny really. 

  3. omg what a perfect way to ruin a wonderful broccoli meal… by adding butter?! butter?! why ruin such a great food and whats the point of eating broccoli if your going to add butter… i mean is wonderfull garlic and olive oil not enough? you've got the good fats and omega from olive oil and great flavor and nutrients from the garlic so why add butter? is discusting butter that good? no its not, its just that we develop taste preference depending on what we've been eating

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