Nutrition, Health, and Our Relationship with Food

Maya Adam, MD discusses the impact of dietary trends on human health around the world and the role education plays in rebuilding a positive relationship with …

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  1. Healthiest diet is a mix of good fats from grass fed beef and organic vegetables with a little portion of fruit, seeds and nuts. Its not veganism. Vegans are malnourished. Healthiest people eat a balanced diet.

  2. This is about healthy relationship with food. Not about veganism. Dont bring veganism into this in the comment section.

  3. Had me until she brought up Obama at 8:40. Sorry but she didn’t do anything but grandstand. How about instead of worrying about what schools are serving since they only serve 2 meals a day, we don’t allow people on government food assistance to buy processed foods so they cant stuff their faces on them once they get home?!? Why should my tax dollars pay for someone’s Cheetos and Big Macs which have no nutritional value besides empty calories?

  4. A good start for most people. From my point of view, veganism should be the final answer though. Thanks for uploading.

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