Nutrition Facts Lie. Wendy’s Lies, too. “You Know When It’s Real”

More at Wow, what a freaking week. PaleoFX, South by Southwest, hanging out with Mark Sisson, Jack Kruse, Dean Dwyer, …

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  1. To be fair, and i work as a compounder in a food chem plant and have confidentiality agreements and stuff, but i can tell you that you picked strawberry because it has one of the highest ingredient counts typically along with melon. If that was an orange or a vanilla or butter even it wouldnt look quiet like that. That said thats still kind of a stacked ingredients list for a flavor blend. Hate to have to do the oil side on that. Also you mention isobutyrate twice. I wonder if one was supposed to be the alcohol or acetic distilled one

  2. I work at Wendy's for now lol trust me i don't believe anything they tell us about the foods, its fried or whatever its not going to be healthy lol

  3. Another valuanble post! It really is sad that we even have to explain to people that fast food is junk, that commercially prepared food is loaded with chemicals, and that these things are bad. Why do we need to explain this? Isn't it self explanatory? Anyway, keep up the great work!

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