Nutrition & Diets : Negative Calorie Foods

Negative calorie foods refer to foods that take more energy to consume and digest than is actually present in the food, and these include lettuce, celery, spinach …

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  1. Oh please, that's total BS – otherwise models would load up on veggies and still loose weight – but they don't.

  2. @fourtoedsloth

    they're called "negative calorie foods" because it takes more energy to digest them than they actually contain themselves… for example : say an apple has 60 calories but you burn 100 calories through the digestion process. 60 calories – 100 calories = -40 calories

  3. Do you have to take any vitamin supplements while on a diet like this? Or do the veggies and protein provide enough of that for you?

  4. @FoolishInTheEnd, pretty much almost all plant based foods are negative calorie foods. The ones that aren't will defintely not make you fat either cause your body is designed to digest those types of food

  5. pickles are not on the list but onions are, asparagus broccoli cabbage carrots celery cucumber garlic green beans lettuce radish spicnish zucchini apple bluberries canteloupe cranberries and the list goes on lol look it up on google it tells you the rest!! 🙂

  6. you DO get energy from it! it has the best energy you can get but to get to that energy your body needs to use more CALORIES to burn it then your actually getting NOT the important vitamins and minerals

  7. why are you so sure that this is bullshit? Mmh? are you a scientist? a doctor maybe? how about some one that actually tests this stuff to find out? You have got to be an idiot if you still think there is no suck thing as negative calorie foods. Please tell me why you think what you think.

  8. This is so stupid. I can't believe people believe this. The concept is ludicrous. The food wouldn't provide you with any energy is this concept were true, aside from the fact that digestion does not burn a significant amount of calories.

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