Nutrition Basics: The Lean Bulk

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  1. why should losing fat, while gaining muscle contradict each other? muscle and fat cells obviously are different kind of cells with different functions and thus dietary needs. does anyone have some scientifically backed knowledge on this or could direct me to a source?

  2. I started back lifting again about a month ago and I lost my small stomach and i have abs now and I have gotten bigger at the same time. I'm doing a 200-300 calorie surplus with 1 mile of high intense running every day, plus a full body workout MWF. Is it random, newbie gains, or am I genetically gifted? I'm an extreme ectomorph but i've been working out on and off since 2013 so I don't feel like i'm that much of a newbie.

  3. My best bulks happened while intermittent fasting.. you just have to eat healthy, eating right amount of food, eat the right macros but get it in a smaller window. It keeps your insulin sensitivity high and it minimises fat accumulation.. even benefits of Rising testosterone

  4. How much would you suggest to drop calories/carbs down on rest days? I've heard some say that that's not a good method because just because it's a rest day, doesn't mean that your body doesn't need those nutrients to help rebuild from the previous day's lifts, as well as store up for energy for the next day's lifts. What do you think?

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