Nothing but the truth: Hemp Seeds

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  2. Hemp is very useful I dont understand why they don't do hemp bags instead of plastic

  3. I just ate a bowl of granola with hemp seeds, and are just now finding out that it comes from fucking weed plants! Aaaaaaaagg!

  4. Yep our government lies to us hate us all demonkkkrats destroyed America and the world.

  5. Hello, great vedio,we have a hemp shredder, a grinder and a dryer. Do you need one?

  6. I’ve been able to stop using 6 perscriptions and now I only use cannabis and hemp for pain relief. The pain from 3 broken discs in my back is less over time because cannabis has healing some qualities as well. Cannabis now is all I need for pain relief that still allows me to work and live life.

  7. If these ppl work for a company that drug tests they will now fail it. Also if anyone on probation would probably violated. Not a good idea to give it to ppl without telling them

  8. Sprays!? Sprays of what chemical? There has got to be a better way.

  9. im single mom w teen thT have austism, i started give hemp seed his behavior is better that ever is more loving and caring kid

  10. hemp will save the planet, wake up world! vote with your $ , buy hemp. peace.

  11. U people are such kids….fools
    ….u guys dont have ny idea that we indians have discovered about its uses 1000 years back but fell short of cheap tricks to get patent…as u pathetic people seems to do…..Cant stop laughing on your half knowledge…

  12. hemo can save the planet. ot can offset nuclear radiation. also best to make clothes plastics etc

  13. i bought a bag of seeds out the grocery store but my question is can i plant them? Also do i treat them like bag seeds when i do?
    i had 1 that grew in my tent and i took it outside when i moved and my ex's mother chopped it down. i'm trying to regrow that as well.. i think its the grow from the grocery store for sure. started as a runt but had big ass clones like it was a mother tree lol. just figure i'll clone next if all grows like i want…thanks

  14. Funny how once the government made it legal all of a sudden it’s not bad for you and now it’s a super food. Well even though I’m putting hemp seeds in my food I’m upset about the cost of people being arrested for weed, seeds and steams😡in the past and still in places where it’s not legal yet.

  15. During the monsoons the bags will dissolve the hemp seeds are going into the Wash genetically modified high grade Cannabis seeds also planned for monsoons

  16. 1 why do they always act like they discovered something new and their panties are getting wet.

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