Noodles & Company Mukbang/Review

JAPANESE PAN NOODLES Description of food : Caramelized udon noodles in a sweet soy sauce, broccoli, carrots, shiitake mushrooms, Asian sprouts, black …

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  1. I worked here for almost 3 years. 2 managers had direcr contact (lived with) someone with covid. And they made them still come in because the area manager and the general manager didn't wanna work more. I noped right the fuck out of that place

  2. My favorite food from Noodles And Company is the Mac and Cheese and Buttered noodles

  3. These should be the best noodles on menu, WHEN its made right. Yours looked almost totally coated in some sauce? It almost looked like spaghetti. 😳 The noodles should be lightly marinated, pan fried, sweet and lighter color, caramelized with lots of veggies and bean sprouts, black sesame seeds and roasty shiitake mushrooms! Add crispy fried tofu or shrimp or meat. Something is "off" at your (local) Noodles and Company to look/taste like that.

  4. This place is a joke. Their noodles are nasty af. I once got their spicy noodles. It was not spicy. It was sweet and sour noodles. Scam.

  5. Your name is really unique ^_^ I've never heard of anyone with the same name!
    I don't like those thick noodles. I don't know what utensil I should use to pick up a lot in one bite!
    I think it's because noodles represent long life so if you cut them you're cutting life? That is why in my country, it is more important to have a noodle dish on your birthday than having cake!

  6. I love these. You can add beef and shrimp and it's awesome. Also ask for a siracha sauce on the side! Then, the party is on!
    I actually just bought some yesterday and I was disappointed because they barely had any broccoli πŸ™„
    And then the cashier guy would not look up to talk to me…when I was speaking to him, which I find disrespectful. I d k if he was being racist or not but I don't appreciate when business don't teach their employees the importance of excellent service. Makes me not want to go there any more. Hence why I'm looking up recipes.

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