MY BULKING DIET: Meal By Meal | Shopping and Cooking- Zac Perna


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  1. Was it like $4 for rice?!?! Damn. In UK you get a giant pack for like 90p dude!

  2. You should really wash your veggies, and fruits first before cooking / eating

  3. @zac perna Hey bro, can u give me the exact time for this meals, let's say breakfast at 8, lunch at 12… then what ?

  4. Hey bro you are just wasting a lot can't eat that much in single

  5. You came from out and didn't wash your hands and then you peeled the banana and made food, be careful bro Corona is behind your door

  6. Put the yams in an electric steamer, add broccoli 4 min from end of yams [ 30 min ] set alarm for 4 min.

  7. I was actually taking chance to be able to have a good view of your most important bulk hahaha 😂 is it huge

  8. can anyone tell me how many grams of chicken he cooked? I don't understand English well thank you very much

  9. Try this if your an unemployed child who has 4 hours spare time per day to shop , cook , clean all this every single day.

  10. The pancakes in order to taste like pancakes you also have to put some kind of flour . I personally put oat flour and it tastes delicious

  11. I dont know why all this negative comments? if you dont like watching his videos why you did so?

  12. Great you're awesome keep eating your healthy food & keep up the hard work ..
    One suggestion .. don't use the micro wave .. it's not healthy at all

  13. Love these bulking videos just started my bulk diet few days ago, great ideas thanks

  14. "how to get huge"…. But you aren't huge. You're like 180, haha even the little kid didn't believe you. Haha

  15. Better use of the first ingredients:
    Smash two bananas + 1 egg into a batter, fry in pan to make banana pan cakes. Put yogurt either on top of pancakes or on the side.
    Make scrambled eggs of remaining eggs.

    Boom you'll have a delish meal.

  16. I feel like all those food which is good for 2 to 3 days is worth $200.

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