Muscle Building Diet Mistake (EAT BIG | GET BIG!)

Follow this meal plan for more gains – Subscribe to this channel here – When you are eating to build muscle, …

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  1. Check out the John Belushi endorses little choclate donuts video from way back when. We boomers ate crap as kids.

  2. Glad you mentioned that saturated fat isn't the enemy. So many people are convinced these days that saturated fat is terrible, and yet, it isn't.

  3. Human being nutrition = raw, ripe, warm, wild, watery, colorful FRUITS. No macros, no micros just holistic foods directly from Nature's "nutrition plan". Can't get better than that 😉 Otherwise it is just talk and compromise 😉

  4. I usually do egg whites or sunny side up eggs oatmeal toast and bannana for pre workout and post i eat carbs like catfish or tilapia or fish period and potatoes not too much and depends and sometimes lean beef and homemade fries and megaman vitamins cuuz im clean Bulking

  5. This is almost exactly the same way I went with oatmeal, stepped down on the sweetness, and it worked easily. I'm down to like regular plain oats (made with water not milk), natural pb or pb powder, and banana in it. Good stuff.

  6. I have helped so many hard gainers gain real muscle.

    What you guys seem to not realize is it doesn't matter as long as it has some nutrtion.

    It can be junk but have nutrtion. Example: Tacos, nachos, burger with fries.

    Seriously that is just fucking stupid Jeff can't be serious. You can't even eat right when a hard gainer lmfao! People do yoj need help tying your shoea as well.

  7. What helped a lot for me with oatmeal is making it in milk instead of water, and adding a single teaspoon of light brown sugar. Compared to the instant packets, it only has five more calories, a third as much added sugar, more fiber, and more protein, and tastes delicious, and not just in a sweet-tooth satisfying way.

  8. Eat rolled oats undercooked with a teaspoon of honey and walnuts. It’s tasty and extremely healthy.
    If you can’t tolerate that, give up.

  9. I hardly eat any carbs on intermittent fasting and still build muscle. Lots of protein to get the glucose converted. Fibre is not necessary. it gives me indigestion. Some fruit and joghurt to deliver a little carbs. I eat below my calories as I have still some fat to burn. To balance it out I do full day fasts in my training breaks. And yes, I am 65 …

  10. To get mass and muscle you gotta pick a middle ground otherwise you'll never get big. Splurge at some point in the day for sure if you have trouble gaining weight. That is, actually enjoy yourself excessively.

  11. It was super easy for me to jump straight from a sweets and carbs diet to keto…. Like, I had bought ingredients to make a cake one or two days before starting keto and I never ended up making the cake and have never eaten any sugary or carby stuff since I started keto…… I've been doing keto for a year and it just gets easier and easier…. I'm incresing my proteins now though bcs I'm trying to build some muscle.

  12. For my daily Protein shake I take around 150g of frozen raspberries, 1 banana, 25-30g of hemp protein (rich in fibers and minerals and all aminoacids) and 20g of a vegan protein powder. I blend it and consume it spread out through an hour or two on days where I don't train and after training I drink it pretty fast. I don't believe whey or casein would be good for me due to their ability to mess with hormones . I also eat fish and meat and vegetables and almost purely whole grain foods, almost zero candy ,.. never fast food never softdrinks. I find those sugary things too sweet and acidic . they also negatively affect my digestion and skin.

  13. Used to drink a lot of those mass gainer shakes in an attempt to gain weight no matter what I ate I could not gain muscle or weight. I wasn't thin, just boney in parts and no muscle definition. I think those drinks damaged my body.

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