Mayo Clinic Minute: Flaxseed – Tiny seed, nutritional powerhouse

This tiny nugget isn’t a grain but a seed. Mayo Clinic dietitian nutritionist Katherine Zeratsky says flaxseed is high in healthy fat, vitamins and minerals. Plus …

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  1. That bag of ground flaxseed is toxic and should never be consumed. Flaxseeds should be bought whole and ground at home with a coffee grinder and consumed within 15 minutes MAX. Ground flaxseeds go rancid very quickly after they have been ground to a power.

  2. I don't care how good they are for us. Keep those nasty little seeds away from me. Chia seeds too, while we're on the subject. Stop sprinkling them so stealthily and liberally into all the products that I used to buy in the organic/natural foods section of my supermarket, but don't anymore because they're ruined with the inclusion of those disgusting little wannabe rodent droppings. Newsflash: When I bite into a slice of honest-to-goodness organic whole grain bread from a reputable, well known bakery, a gelatinous sensation is not something that I want to feel in my mouth. It's wrong and I'm tired of getting slimed. If it takes two different foods to make up for the unlikely possibility that I'm subjecting myself to some sort of deficiency by shunning those demonic little seeds, I'll gladly go the extra mile.

  3. I'm glad the Mayo Clinic is finally watching Dr. Greger's videos ( There is one caution about ground flax seeds and that is the cyanide content. Dr. Greger recommends 1 tbl per day.

  4. Wow, cutting edge stuff here. Thanks Mayo for a super job of educating us about health. By the way, word has it that cholesterol has never been shown to cause cardio-vascular disease, the omega 3 fatty acids in flax are converted at a rate of only 5 to 10% to the essential EPA and DHA forms so important to our health, and the benefits of fiber for moderating blood glucose spikes is secondary to the harmful role of eating carbohydrate foods in the first place. Super job.

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