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Kurbo by WW Success Stories

WW recently launched Kurbo. It’s a free App designed to help kids 8-17 eat better and lose weight.

Weekly one-on-one health coaching (via video chat) is available for an additional fee of from about $12 – $17 per week depending on the plan selected.

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But the truth is that Kurbo isn’t just for kids. Check out all these Kurbo by WW Success Stories featuring kids, teens and ADULTS of all ages….

Kurbo By WW Success Stories

Ali’s Kurbo by WW Success Story Video

According to Ali’s success story video, she improved her softball game and her life with Kurbo. She has inspired her family to change how they live, too. Now there’s better food in the house.

Her Kurbo coach taught her how to read nutrition labels and expand her way of thinking. For example, she didn’t have to eat traditional breakfast foods for breakfast.

Kurbo by WW Adult Success Story – Shelly E.

Shelly E. weight loss before and after photo from Kurbo by WW.

Photo Credit: Kurbo by WW

Shelly learned that Kurbo is a great resource for both kids and adults.

“My husband and I thought it was just for kids, but found out adults could sign up for it too. We were doing another program at the same time, but we actually enjoyed using Kurbo more,” she says.

“I was able to get into it really easily and not having to calculate or count anything was super nice.”

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Kurbo by WW Adult Success Story – Richard

Richard's weight loss success before and after from Kurbo by WW.

Photo Credit: Kurbo by WW

Improved health is reflected by more than just weight-loss.

Richard shares, “For me, tracking my food and implementing healthy habits is just as important as losing the actual weight. It’s all part of the whole process of being healthier.”

He happily adds, “My pants are fitting better and the fact that I am seeing the weight come off and getting back to where it should be helps too. This kind of system using traffic lights will get me to where I want to be.”

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More Kurbo Success Stories:

  • Donovan, age 11, who discovers his passion for basketball, how easy it is to make healthy food choices, and impresses his dad.
  • Manny, age 15, who tapped into his motivation, lost 46 pounds and has found that he no longer has to track daily; making healthy choices comes naturally.
  • Rasha, a mom in the habit of putting herself last who learned how to take care of herself while losing 20 pounds, toning up and finding more energy.
  • Hari, age 36, uses the traffic light system and loses 42 pounds, feels healthier, more energized and more ready to take on challenges.
  • Joella, age 42, takes the leap with Kurbo, loses 35 pounds and feels more energized while eating more than she thought she could.

More About Kurbo

According to WW, Kurbo is a scientifically-proven behavior change program designed to help kids and teens ages 8-17 reach a healthier weight, derived from Stanford University’s Pediatric Weight Control Program.

Through a mobile app and virtual coaching, the program builds on Kurbo’s evidence-based mobile platform to help children and teenagers—with support from their families—make lifestyle changes while receiving guidance around sustainable healthy eating, physical activity and mindfulness habits.

Kurbo by WW is currently available in the U.S., and the free Kurbo app can be accessed through iOS Apple Store and Google Play.

“To change the health trajectory of the world, we have a tremendous opportunity, but also a responsibility, to help kids, teens and families,” said Mindy Grossman, President and CEO at WW. “With Kurbo’s proven platform, we can be a trusted and powerful partner for families, as part of our mission to inspire healthy habits for real life, for everyone.”

“According to recent reports from the World Health Organization, childhood obesity is one of the most serious public health challenges of the 21st century. This is a global public health crisis that needs to be addressed at scale,” said Joanna Strober, co-founder of Kurbo.

“As a mom whose son struggled with his weight at a young age, I can personally attest to the importance and significance of having a solution like Kurbo by WW, which is inherently designed to be simple, fun and effective.”

Finding a healthy balance and approach to educating and coaching kids and their families is key to developing life long healthy habits.

Here’s a brief video on Why Kurbo and What it Can Do for Kids and Families…

A Simple and Effective Program, Easy for the Whole Family to Understand

To inspire healthier eating, Kurbo uses the Traffic Light System, which is backed by 30 years of evidence-based scientific research.

The simple approach guides kids and teens toward food choices to help them learn healthy eating habits, putting food into one of three groups: red, yellow or green.

Kids and teens are encouraged to eat more of the healthy “green light” foods (such as fruits and veggies), be mindful of portions of “yellow light” foods (such as lean protein, whole grains and dairy) and gradually reduce, but still include, consumption of “red light” foods (such as sugary drinks and treats).

Personal Coaching with a Trained Kurbo Coach For Inspiration and Guidance on Building Healthy Habits

To complement these free app features, Kurbo by WW offers subscription-based, one-on-one 15-minute virtual video sessions with Kurbo coaches who are specially-trained, Kurbo-certified and come from a diverse range of professional backgrounds including counseling, fitness and nutrition-related fields.

Kids and teens can connect weekly with their matched coach through video chat and text for guidance on their journey and to discuss personalized goals and strategies to help them achieve long-lasting results.

Additionally, parents receive recipes, shopping lists, and a regular newsletter full of ideas to help them create a healthy environment for the whole family.

Click here to learn more about how Kurbo works

History of Kurbo

Joanna Strober, one of the founders of Kurbo, spent most of her career as a technology investor, with a strong focus on female consumers.

A mother of three, she stumbled into her latest company after working with one of her children, who struggled with weight management.

Addressing weight-related health concerns with children is a high-wire act no parent enjoys. Strober said that the doctor wasn’t helping.

So she decided to create a company that could guide families onto a healthier path with the support she had been seeking.

“I’m a mom, and almost everybody who started the company are parents, and we think deeply about making this a positive resource for kids,” Strober said.

“We needed to have a positive approach, and what we’re excited about is we have an approach that has been tested for over 40 years and has been proven to be safe and effective. What excites me is that we can now get that to more kids.”

More on the Kurbo Story

More Positive Comments from Users of Kurbo

“I have a friend whose granddaughter is 6 years old and has fatty liver disease, high blood pressure, cholesterol and is very heavy for a little girl. Her doctor is recommended an eating program such as Kurbo because it it teaching them healthy food not focusing on chicken nuggets, fries, cookies and candy. I just wish there was something like this when I was younger so I didn’t turn to diet pills to lose weight and make myself sick.” ~ Kurbo Commenter

“My 12 year old daughter did Kurbo this year. WW did not develop the Kurbo app. It is based on Stanford’s research & pediatric weight control program. She did 3 months which was a better value than $69/month. She was matched with a coach and they facetimed weekly. She was then sent an email highlighting what was discussed along with the next week’s goals. She could also email or text her coach any time. Kurbo had a guide we read at the start and they sent informational emails. The stoplight system made us think about choices and opened up many conversations about those choices. We discussed with her coach why some foods that seemed healthier, like peanut butter and raisins, were reds. Some reds are healthier and a better choice than others. Time was spent talking about portions, navigating social situations and fun ways to be active (a challenge in the winter). My daughter had a wonderful coach and we both learned a lot. Foods were not demonized and red foods are allowed daily. It also took me away from being the bad food cop and the tension it causes. You have to remember, this is a program for kids that don’t have the nutrition knowledge of adults. In the past we have also seen hospital associated RDs that were recommended by doctors. Those visits were wasted time and money. My daughter got a lot more out of the Kurbo program and asked that I respond to this review.” ~ Kurbo Commenter

“I lost 10 pounds in 3 months. I feel a lot healthier!” – Riya, age 11

“I use what I have learned from Kurbo everyday. It has really changed my life.” – Tyler, age 14

“I was excited because it seemed like something I could do all by myself.” – Sophie, 12

“I feel lighter both mentally and physically.” – Julianna, 15

“I feel better about myself and people have noticed my new attitude.” – Talia, 17

“I’m trying new foods and starting to eat more veggies.” – Vanessa, 8

“My coach made me feel comfortable. I could be honest about what I was tracking.” – Isabella, 14

“I learned I can eat healthy foods, enjoy them, and live a healthy life.” – Jared, 17

“When you have the motivation and a goal, you can lose weight. I’m now the healthiest person in the house!” – Manny, 15

My Thoughts About Kurbo

As a longtime WW lifetime member whose weight loss struggle began in childhood, I was curious about the free Kurbo App. I downloaded it and have been using it. I like it and the effect it has on my choices.

The truth is that tracking, when viewed not as a punishment, but as a way to build awareness, is a powerful tool for change.

  • As explained above, tracking is based on the traffic light concept of red, yellow and green. I’ve heard some equate “red” with “bad,” but red lights are not bad, they are designed to prevent collisions!
  • Nothing is off limits. It’s a fun, easy to use app designed to teach about balance, limits and moderation.
  • Kurbo goals go far beyond weight to include improved energy, confidence and strength.
  • There are short videos to teach about portions and games with basic nutrition concepts.
  • The brief 2 – 3 minute meditation videos to help with breathing, stress, sleep and feeling better are simple and effective.

It’s possible to love/accept yourself and still want to be better/improve.

When you finally take charge of an area of your life that you felt was beyond your control and learn to set healthy boundaries for yourself, to nourish your body, mind and soul you become confident, powerful. It positively affects all other areas of your life and ripples out to those around you.

We are all much more than a number on a scale. But in a world where food is overly abundant, it is far too easy to over-consume without even realizing it. Positive self-restraint is part of leading a happy, healthy, balanced life.

We need tools to help us be aware and set healthy parameters so we can thrive in all areas of your lives. I believe Kurbo is one of those tools.

Martha McKinnonMartha is the founder and main content writer for Simple-Nourished-Living.

A longtime lifetime WW at goal, she is committed to balancing her love of food and desire to stay slim while savoring life and helping others do the same.

She is the author of the Smart Start 28-Day Weight Loss Challenge.

A huge fan of the slow cooker and confessed cookbook addict, when she’s not experimenting in the kitchen, you’re likely to find Martha on her yoga mat.

More about Martha McKinnon

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