KIWI FRUIT: THE ONE TRUE SUPERFOOD | Kiwi Nutritional Science Explained

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  1. The problem is that the cool kids 🍌 🍎 🍊 tend to always look better in the eyes of the public as opposed to the misunderstood ones 🥝 even in fruits as well as people …

  2. I always loved Kiwi. I still do, but after last year I discovered I am somehow allergic or sensitive to it after drinking Kiwi and Vegy shake. I started coughing like crazy, my eyes were watery, I couldn't breath properly. When I think about it, I had the same effect but a lot less severe when DRINKING Kiwi in juice or mixes when I was growing up.
    Now, I don't have problem EATING kiwi but I can not DRINK it. I don't know how is that possible though.
    The funny thing is that I am not allergic to ANY food that I know of, only Kiwi! 😀

  3. Bro, watching you spoon that shit out is making me so mad hahahahaahaha, just wash it well, put a little pressure into it and the hair will come off it with ease, and than enjoy it with the skin as you would an apple. It has ever more vitamins and fiber in the skin. Healthier and easier to eat, just made your life easier, thank me later guys!!!

  4. Kiwis are almost a dollar a piece in our place. I'm sad that it's not that popular here because it's a favorite of mine.

  5. Kiwis make me bloated for some reason I tried adding them to my diet but always got bloated I must be allergic

  6. I feel like you can eat anything and it will help you to grow muscles as long as the food has high quality and being natural. I am working as a Student in Cologne's best Burger Restaurant. I know where the potatoes and meat come from. It has very good goooood quality. I eat once a day milk, oats, banana, peanut butter and tonsils as breakfast. And if I am not at work I eat Bolognaise or Rice with pease, brocolli and chicken at home. But 3,4 days in a week I am working and I always eat there at least 400g Burgers with 400g French Fries. I go workout 5-6 times a weak. Doing this since 1 month. And dude, I got results, that is crazy. I never looked so buff.

  7. Pro Tip
    Cut the Kiwi in half. Cut the half in half so that you have 4 pieces.
    Enjoy eatin without peeling, scooping or whatever comes into your mind.

  8. Another good thing about Kiwis is that they are relatively cheap. I get like 1 kilo of them for €2 at the local supermarket.

  9. Kiwi has been my favorite fruit since childhood, however when I turned 12 I developed an allergy for them.. Sucks because I still absolutely love them.

  10. Happily in my country we consume it a lot,and one more thing it's a way to eat your kiwi,but try to eat it with its skin on not off or just inside of it!
    Don't peel it!
    Here people usually peel it with kinves but me and a small number of people eat it with its skin!
    It is not very annoying to get it with skin brother,just put off the harsh part(I mean where by which is installed to a tree's branch).
    And if those hairy stuff on it disgust you scratch them and remove them with kinfe then eat it with skin!
    Cuz as far as I know,all the great stuff you mentioned is twice more in the skin!

  11. i loved kiwis as a kid but they always made my mouth tingly. now im finding out they have large health benefits great…

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