KFC Nutrition – Calories In KFC Food – Healthy Options #LLTV

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  1. More food wars please! I came across your food war vid… And hooked!! Thanks for the info. I have lost 6 kg post pregnancy weight. And your channel is such a help, I wish I found this channel sooner…

  2. Thankfully, I noticed a few years back that I was getting sick every time I had KFC. It's been years since I had any, and likely won't again after this.
    Someone mentioned IKEA – I think this would be a great idea as some of their options look pretty decent, but you never know! Thanks Brad.

  3. Brad I'm a girl and I workout a least 4-5 days/wk. I know guys drink protein shake to help recover and build muscle a but can girls drink protein shake?

  4. Nice!! Thanks very much..Can you please do a 'Food Wars' on Ikea Food…I work over there, so it's very hard to avoid, not to eat over there #LiveLeanTV

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