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Keto Diet Before-and-After Pictures That’ll Get You Motivated

If you’re looking for dieting inspiration, it’s hard to beat keto diet before-and-after pictures. These people show how amazing the popular ultra-low-carb, high-fat diet trend can be. Read their stories, get their advice, and take in their impressive photos.

“Accountability is the key”

Courtesy @ketohabits

In early 2016, Mary Alexander saw a photo of herself in a bathing suit and decided something had to change. A few weeks later, she started the keto diet, an ultra-low-carb, high-fat diet that’s becoming increasingly popular, partly because of the many keto diet before-and-after pictures. After two years, she’s lost 60 pounds with ten to 15 more to go to reach her goal.

“The hardest part of keto was getting started,” says Mary, a 54-year-old marketer from Rockwell, Texas. “Bread and sweets had been my friends for years, so giving them up was really hard.” She kept herself accountable with her Instagram account, @ketohabits: She’s gained more than 26,000 followers since she started her journey. “I attribute all of my success to my account, as well as weekly weigh-ins.” Before you start your weight loss journey, check out the 15 things you should know before trying the keto diet.

“I’ve never felt so good”

Francisco VegaCourtesy @frankyketo

Just 21 years old, Francisco Vega was nearly 100 pounds over his ideal weight. The welder from Modesto, CA—he shares his keto journey @frankyketo—tipped the scales at 295 pounds. Seeking a drastic change, he turned to the keto diet to reshape his body and his future. Vega dropped 75 pounds in just six months. Today, he’s 35 pounds away from his goal of 185, and he’s enjoying every delicious moment of it.

“The hardest part of it has been that I can’t have too much fruit,” he says. Fruit has become his favorite “cheat” meal, Vega says, but he’s quick to note that the diet is not nearly as restrictive as people fear. “Don’t second-guess yourself,” he says. “The mental clarity and the energy and the super delicious food, combined with the hunger suppression, are enough to draw anyone in to try keto.”

“No memberships or big expense: Just food”

Suzanne RyanCourtesy Suzanne Ryan, @ketokarma

Like many yo-yo dieters, Suzanne Ryan had tried just about every eating style out there without finding long-term success. But the keto diet before-and-after pictures she found online caught her eye. “When I stumbled upon keto, I was so impressed with the results people were getting. I was excited because it was a concept I hadn’t tried before,” says the 33-year-old behind the popular @ketokarmasays Instagram account.

Within the first year of her keto experience, the San Francisco Bay Area mom, author, and blogger lost 100 pounds. She lost an additional 20 to reach her goal weight and has been maintaining it for almost two years. Her cookbook, Simply Keto, offers the sound keto advice that worked for her: “Don’t overcomplicate things, and take it one day at a time,” she says. “Work on the emotional side of your eating habits, and invest in the process.” Read up on what it’s really like to follow the ketogenic diet.

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