Jimmy John's #5 Vito 8" Sub Sandwich Review

Jimmy John’s #5 Vito Sub Sandwich Review.

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  1. I'm making that sandwich today hopefully I'll be out by tomorrow Vito number 5 and thanks for sharing the review God bless you

  2. Holy crap, we have one of these here in Huntington Beach and i've never even heard of it!  I assumed it was a northwest thing.  Your review made me look it up and now i'm so stoked to try this place.  Keep up the good work!

  3. You should try the new Lays potato chip flavors! ex: cappuccino,  cheddar bacon mac n cheese, wasabi, mango salsa!

  4. Nice. Got that Day old Bread. I recommend you watch The Giver in theaters. It's fantastic

  5. Erberts and Gerberts is better, especially their bread! But that just my opinion lol

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