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Jedward have been sending DMs to their followers – and the internet can’t get enough

Jedward fans have been left confused but pleased nonetheless as the Irish singing duo have been sliding into their Twitter DMs.

The twins, who shot to fame for their energetic performances in the 2009 edition of The X Factor, have been sharing “positive vibes” on social media for no apparent reason other than to just be nice.

Left-wing political commentator Owen Jones shared his rather wholesome DM from Jedward to his Twitter followers, which read: “You JEPIC legend rock the week.”

But it’s not just those with a high social media profile to have received a message from the former Celebrity Big Brother contestants.

While it is seemingly random, many Twitter users are thrilled with Jedward reaching out to brighten their day.

“Jedward have slid into my DMs and I’m living for it. Most encouragement I’ve had for months,” said one who received a DM.

“Blessed by Jedward!” another wrote.

“Jedward’s got my back!” said a third.

“When Jedward DM you to send you good vibes and smiles you have no choice but to accept good vibes and smiles,” a fourth added.

A slightly more confused recipient said: “The slow end of the world has been largely grand for me so far but not getting a DM from Jedward is really screwing with my head.”

The amount of people who have received a message from Jedward have led to others now hoping to have the twins slide into their DMs.

One particularly eager fan has created a ‘Jedward summoning circle’ in order to get the stars to message.

It’s been a busy lockdown period for the twins, who are currently staying in Los Angeles with Tara Reid, who they met when they both starred in 2017 Big Brother.

They recently caused headlines when they were filmed participating in a Black Lives Matter march.

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