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  1. Hey everyone thanks for watching and supporting our channel!! I had been looking forward to this challenge since I started the series, and it worked out great because Magic Mitch was in town for my Spring Break week and St Patrick's Day. If you've been thinking about getting something from our online store, there is a FREE SHIPPING SALE (including international) March 24th, 25th, and 26th. Just checkout using the coupon code FS317. Thanks for all support!!

  2. You should get your parents in a video at some point. Does your dad have as big an appetite as you?

  3. If I did this I would’ve gotten 10 tacos, 4 jr bacon cheeseburgers, 10 nuggets, 4 jr jumbo jacks, 2 value fries, and 1 value drink, costing around $23, if I want to do it faster then only 8 tacos, and 1 value fries

  4. Reminds me of the time back in 1976 where me and my buddy Steve went to jack in the box and the girl behind the counter was treating us like non paying just want to hang out customer's and we had just got off work from 12 hours of printing newspapers so we were not looking our best. And we was hungry. The girl made some remark that prompted me to order two of everything on the menu. Except drinks and different size Fries.
    Jack in the box had a smaller menu then.
    We sat there and tore that food about an hour
    I still remember the look on her face when she finally decided I was serious and pulled out my roll of bills peeling a couple hundred off the top asking will this cover it? Yes I didn't stutter two of everything except drinks and fries, make it six large fries.

  5. i just can t stop watching all your videos , its really addicting, i freaking love it, keep up the good work randy, you are the best

  6. Just a thought, maybe weigh the food prior to competition so we can all evaluate what potentially is a better deal for $20 compared to weight. It also equals the playing field just in case you outweigh the other competitor compared to your time. Thanks for your videos Randy!

  7. And you know why Magic Mix is whooping his ass in this challenge because he's not running his mouth liver blabbing he's actually eating he shoved his food in his face Randy santel is too busy talking to eat see Randy could have beaten magic Mitch in this challenge hands down he could have but instead he talked and kept talking and kept

  8. This is how you get a sourdough jack cheap. Pay attention

    Jumbo jack on sourdough bread with bacon and extra sauce.

    If they are still 99 cents, the trick is still valid.

  9. I still surprised a health guy would eat jack n the box or any other fast food chain. The regular challenges I understand cause it's always real food but this processed bullshit…

  10. I love when Randy flexes while he’s next to guys that are much more muscular than him. They look like “man this guy is a tool”.

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