Is White Rice Healthy or Bad for You?

White rice is a staple food for more than half the world’s population. Yet some say its really bad for you. Is that true? Further reading: …

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  1. The reason people show weight loss with brown rice is it tastes like ass so a WHOLE LOT less is eaten. The white rice is delicious so they eat a LOT OF IT!

  2. Asians started to put on weight after American style 'junk food' was introduced into their diet. Before that, they ate rice and stayed slim and healthy.

  3. If it's good enough for skinny asians that seem to live forever and not age then it is good enough for me.

  4. I mean… There is zero vital info in this video.

    If you are making such claimes as is it healthy or not, do at least some research. You basically said nothing except weight loss or gain which has nothing to do what type of food you eat… You can eat sweets all day but if you are in caloric deficit – you will loose weight…

    The health effect of food is determined by micro and macro nutritients content, the effect on digestive system and how the food should be prepared in order to minimize cons and boost pros of it.

    Hope you will read and won't be angry at my criticism. I wish only the best for you. I would like to see more channel like yours but with more scientific insides.

  5. White rice is naturally glutten free compared to Brown rice, but White rice can be a problem if your insulin resistant or just have blood sugar issues, so Brown rice is better in those circumstances especially if your not glutten sensitive and can digest complex carbohydrates.

  6. The main problem with consuming white rice with weight loss in mind is that it gets digested very fast like in 40 min or so. This therefore makes one hungry later on in the day forcing to eat more. Another drawback to white rice consumption is the portion control. Since it is not that filling, you can it a lot unmindfully causing weight gain.

  7. No guessing dude….is it true or not? Your personal beliefs have no business in this vid….you guys are usually pretty good at keeping your "personal beliefs" to yourselves…

  8. I love your videos so much, thank you! It's pretty much the only large source of analysis I can find which is neither stuck in advice from fifty years ago nor overwhelmed by some trendy bias.

  9. The fact that in Asian countries rice is always eaten with a lot of veggies and small portions of meat protein. Also it’s rare to see obese or overweight asians. It’s the way they eat the portions of food. So, like he said I believe context is important. I am always amazed at the amount Asian people can eat and look so amazing….context.

  10. In my opinion
    If you have extra weight problems like me, Don't say I'll eat bad food from time to time. Never eat refined carbs again.
    You don't say for drug addict,
    Have some drugs from time to time.
    Obesity is a a disease that sets you on the right nutritional path if you beat it

  11. White rice tastes better to me, I don't like the texture of brown rice… texture is the most important thing to my taste buds. Lol! However, my husband eats white rice almost every day, sometimes twice a day, and doesn't gain a pound. I can't really eat grains and enjoy it them. I pay for it with excruciating autoimmune pain. Hey Joe Leech, will you do a video on the effects of gluten and autoimmune diseases?

  12. Another great video. I love rice. It's good to know that the white rice I grew up with is not bad. I have tried brown rice. I did like it, though I have to say, I lean towards white rice. Thanks for sharing.

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