Is White Bread Good for You?

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DESCRIPTION: Is eating refined grains, white potatoes, and iceberg lettuce better than nothing? Have a question about this video? Leave it in the comment section at and I’ll try to answer it!

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  1. By white potatoes does he mean any variety with white flesh or does he mean the white skinned ones? Russet potatoes are red skinned but white fleshed so do those count? What if you eat the skin along with the flesh, does that make it better?

    Hopefully he has other videos that clarify this cause I love potatoes but always eat the skin along with the flesh and hate when people peel them.

  2. Yah, I'm still gonna eat potatoes and white bread. They have never killed anyone. Especially potatoes, it's a whole food and good for you. 🙂❤️🙃

  3. just eat real food, not process food. especially less non-organic pesticide and fertilizer.
    reduce added sugar as much as you can.
    I have one rotten tooth, I think that was caused by much sweet tea drink I had when I was 14 yo.
    i loved to eat ice cream when I was in college, my breath often smells bad, I think from my rotten tooth.
    Cut off sugar recently, eat once or twice a day [rice sometimes organic, vegetables, fish, meat].
    my mouth breath never smells bad again and my teeth looks really natural [not white like teeth that get flouride] and healthy even tough I rarely brush them

  4. This is stupid. They did a study where they jus told people to add like 12 slices of bread to their diet and the people lost weight. It's not the bread it's everything else. But you should eat bread that doesn't have additives and junk in it. And potatoes, that has to be one of the healthiest foods. You want a low protein low fat high carbohydrate diet. And your also gonna eat plenty of vegetables so issues with blood sugar spike are irrelevant as the fiber from the vegetables will slow down digestion.

  5. here we see Dr. Greger during the quiet, soothing voice years. jump ahead to 2014 if you want high-energy, often high-pitched nasal Greger action.

  6. Should white bread still be avoided even if it's made from no dairy?? I ead two slice of dairy and egg free bread every moring, and this video got me into thinking. Please tell.

  7. Salad and potatoes bad?
    I could think of a million other stuff that we should avoid. If vegies like those are heavily gene manipulated I would perhaps consider it.
    If in doubt – grow your own! It is not rocket science.

  8. 1:16…….I don't think the Irish famine victims would have survived had they been given iceberg lettuce or leafy greens instead, but had they eaten potatoes they would not have starved, though eventually dying of kidney cancer apparently ( sarcasm in order here ) ………I suspect other high carb sources like oatmeal , pasta etc, also will give one a 50% kidney cancer risk as will potatoes and white bread ( versus 400% per meat ) …..sounds like a fair trade-off to me, I will continue to eat all of these plant foods. …..but judging from the 79 "Likes" the Paleo/Atkins sellers are happy with the video. That right, folks, you have to look past the sensational headline and put this all in perspective

  9. the potato science in this video is probably based on fries and potato chips! it's the oils added to the potato that make them unhealthy. be clearer!

  10. Is that one study really so convincing to make potatoes look so bad? The study says it increases risk of kidney cancer but is there any evidence against potatoes? …for weight, diabetes, CVD, other types of cancer, etc? If potatoes increase the risk, but leafy greens reduce the risk… Would that even out if I ate a good ratio, for example: 2:1 greens to potatoes?

  11. This seems a bit odd, potatoes from everything I've read are pretty healthy in a non-fried or covered in butter form.  Now I can understand a LOT of people are overeating potatoes, but for someone like me who only has them once in a while? I can't really see it hurting.

  12. I eat a ton of white potatoes, they replaced sandwiches and meat and biscuits.  I also eat sweet potatoes too.  Both whole, skin and all with nothing but a touch of seasoning salts.  I lost plenty of weight doing such and will continue to eat them.  WHITE BREAD though, is simply cake with less sugar.  I couldn't stand the nothingness of white bread LONG before I steered into the WFPB way of living.  Nuts, Seeds, Fruit, Veggies, and whole-wheat (zero "enriched flour" added) products fill out the rest of my eats.  I make my own flaxseed and whole wheat flour bread.  Grits and Oatmeal are my breakfast staples (with berries/dates). Flaxseed daily.  B12 on the weekend.  D3 most days.  Unsweetened teas (white, green, black, red, herbal, home-harvested) and coffee and water are my daytime beverages.  I have beer and wine sometimes tequila or gin or bourbon or rum at night. Eating right makes playing/working hard and living long much easier.

    Next year I'll be growing some purple and golden potatoes.  Have sweet potatoes growing now.  Don't fear the potato-so long as you eat the whole thing and don't add fat or flesh to it. I ate crap for 48 years, changed this year-felt better almost instantly and lost weight for 3 months, ready for 48 more years and will be in BETTER health!!!

  13. I'm no mathematician, but if potatoes increase chances of cancer by 50%, and dark green leafy vegetables cut the chances of cancer by 50%, and you're eating both, shouldn't they cancel each other out?

  14. Wait… Now potatoes and bread are bad too? I stopped meat, then eggs, then cheese. If I stop bread and potatoes things are going to be very, very expensive. If I have to get my calories from fruit, I will need to work 3 jobs 😀

  15. +Why are we here?
    Yeah eating potatoes will make you slim but that was not the issue here.
    All those things you listed ARE bad.
    Fruit is the best option, starch is second best, they are cheap and readily available.
    Don't eat raw potatoes.

  16. They eat large, 'white' potatoes usually uncooked ALL the time in peru, and the people there are skinny, healthy, and kidneys in perfect shape? this vid info is all politicized bs government statistics garbage.. there was even a potato farmer who went on an all potato diet, and after the diet, had lowered blood pressure, cholestreral, diabetes, weight loss, i could go on! we have to get over this everything being "white" is bad for cauliflower? onions? turnips? garlic? white tea?

  17. What caused the weight gain? It seems like the calories would otherwise be very efficiently absorbed and make for good choices as a famine food or a food choice when monetary circumstances prevent purchase of a caloricly complete diet.

  18. Apparently the Nurses' Health Study found a strong association between potatoes and weight gain (and not just things like French Fries and potato chips either). Best to go with sweet potatoes, yams, or the smaller more fibrous potatoes like Yukon Gold and Red Rose.

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