Is Rice Healthy? | Dr. Josh Axe

Benefits of Brown Rice: Today I am answering the question, “Is rice healthy?” and explaining the difference between white rice and brown …

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  1. Is consuming white rice the reason on why caucasians are better looking than chinese, indians and filipinos? I mean asians consume white rice alot and they are chubby and ugly. While caucasians like europeans or americans rarely eat white rice. White rice is not natural though

  2. SERIOUS QUESTION. I always wonder why the food industry distributes “white” “refined” products. They’re always less expensive but seem to me like they would require more work to make them white. So, are these white foods by-products of other industries. Maybe vitamin/supplement companies drain them of they’re nutrition and then sell the empty food?

  3. I don't really like brown tasteless ..we hve diff kinds of rice brown,red white .I know Brown is good for body but tasteless..nice video Dr😺

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