Is Popcorn Healthy?

Popcorn is a favorite snack on movie night, but is it healthy? SUBSCRIBE for more videos: Popcorn is an in between food. For a lot of …

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  1. HI Sarah, is Skinny Pop good for us? They literally use 3 ingredients, but we all know that companies are not required to list all the ingredients on their labels. Thoughts?

  2. I live in Denmark and We just pop popcorn without Oil and We dont put bitter in our popcorn and i never tried it, We just put salt on. Me and My family want to spain and We ordered some popcorn and you should see our faces when we ate it, it was With suger instead of salt wich was really weird, so We just asked if We could get some salt and We did😂😂just thougt you should hear The story

  3. Mine is little strange to most of you.. I make soy sauce, honey and coconut oil popcorn. It is good and I am addicted! Try once 🙂

  4. I usually heat the pot and pop the corn without any oil. Then when I’m done I add whatever I like after. Excluding butter and salt.

  5. Cause I’m losing weight I AirPop it or microwave in a brown bag no salt no oil pepper and ms dash it’s helping me get my calories high when on a plant based diet low fat high fiber & has protein

  6. I'm starting to eat healthier and my favourite type of popcorn is air popped with vinegar, dill, garlic powder & black pepper. I love it! Thanks for the video!

  7. YES!! It's healthier when you pop it at home yourself with bit of salt and use less oil / coconut . That's what I been doing for a snack with my weight loss going good so far 😃

  8. Popcorn for me is the best food while watching a movie. I though popcorn is unhealthy, thanks for telling us that it's not, so now i can eat it more then i have been. haha 🙂

  9. my friend works at a movie theater and he brings me these huge garbage bag sized bags of popcorn, this is the second bag of popcorn he's brought me and after the finishing first one i feel ive gained no weight at all, i actually workout a lot, and i feel it has not gotten in the way of conditioning my body

  10. I love popcorn and I pop it at home , I add some poudered flavours , but I'm confused about how many calories it contains , Like how many calories in a big bowl of popcorn ?

  11. I'm addictive to homemade popped corn I love love love popped corn that I'd had to actually give myself a month from it I was just wondering like is it bad for the abdomen like do you get bloted eating it constantly I'm really trying to find a bad reason why I can't eat it lol I would rather eat air popped for lunch and snack and if there's really nothing to eat dinner😣 I know right too much, help!

  12. You should do some research on GMO. That's the most important thing to mention when talking food in general but especially corn products.

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