Is Peanut Butter Good for You?

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  1. Hi! i was watching this video on youtube posted by Dr. Eric Berg ( Do Not Eat Peanut Butter Again, Until You Watch This…
    If you could comment on this.

  2. After watching some very contradiction in some of his videos especially about eggs. I dont trust his videos anymore. Seems like he is making these up to make it sound scientific and educated to attract subscribers.

  3. Big fan of Dr G but I'll just say, I always wondered about this one. I've heard recently that palm oil is essentially as bad as pure butter for increasing LDL. Palm oil is in most peanut butters.

    Further throwing this study into question is that they claimed 'no conflicts of interest'. Then mentioned immediately afterwards, 'Dr. Hu reported receiving research support from California Walnut Commission'.

    "Research support"?? That sounds dodgy as hell. Seems more likely to me a biased study design is in play, although I haven't read well into the study, I'm going to take it with (or should I say without) a pinch of salt for now

  4. Peanut butter gives me acne. I wonder if it isn't healthy because it's roasted. I also wonder if maybe it's rancid and we don't know it. My mom had a friend who could look at his children and tell that they ate peanut butter. I just have my reservations on this one. Maybe it's best to look for more research on this one. Plus, lots of peanut butter has hydrogenated oils and if not that, then sugar. So don't just grab any peanut butter, grab on that just says peanuts and salt in the ingredients section.

  5. For everyone watching, it's soooo easy to make your own peanut butter and much, much cheaper! How to: buy peanuts, put in blender, press blend, add a tiny bit of sunflower oil little by little until it starts to blend (olive adds a weird taste), press stop, scoop it out and stick it in ya face!!

  6. Thank you, Dr. Gregor! Dr. Sam Robbins says to stay away from peanuts cuz they are bad for you. Of course, I take your word Every time!!

  7. at worst harmful, at best fattening while being nutritionally unremarkable; mostly just omega 6 fats that your body doesn't need that much of.

  8. first video by him I have to criticize. Is it organic or not ? does it have added oil or not ? does it have added sugar or salt ? are they Valencia or jungle peanuts which grow higher off the ground and have less or 0 mycotoxins.

  9. Thank God! Frankly, I was afraid to watch this video. I could practically live on p-butter (of course, peanuts only – nothing added).

  10. Bulk-Barn has a nut machine where you can take fresh nuts and make it into paste without all the additives. None of that oil separation either

  11. One question.. Does anyone know if we should be concerned about the ratio of omega 6 to omega 3 fatty acids in peanut butter? (high amounts of omega 6, compared to omega 3) I love peanut butter but I don't know…

  12. I'm surprised he didn't say anything about needing to stay away from hydrogenated and partially hydrogenated oils in peanut butters. Always get non-hydrogenated!

  13. I love watching Dr. Greger's videos because they tell me exactly what TO eat (i.e. what he says is "unhealthy") and what NOT to eat (i.e. what he says is "healthy")! It's great!

  14. Phew! Nice! I love peanut butter so this is great! (I understand that you talk about natural peanut butter without all the added oils and sugars)

  15. Does roasting pistachios destroy the health benefits of them? In other words, will eating roasted pistachios be as healthy for me as the raw ones?

  16. You can buy natural peanut butter at many health stores, including trader joe's and whole foods. Just make sure the only ingredient is nuts and you should be golden. Love the nuts!

  17. Luv ur website❤️💜💙💚! It clears a lot of the confusion abt certain foods. I just viewed ur low carb diets decreases the diameter of our heart vessels. How do u define a low carb diet? How many grams of carbs is allowed on a low carb diet? Ty in advance:)

  18. So why doesn't the nut fat effect endothelium ? also, if fat effects insulin with sugar why does nut fat act different towards insulin ?

  19. Maybe it is actually helpfull because the womans decreased their binge eating on sugar and other nasty stuff as they began eating tummy filling fatty nuts?

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