Is Milk Good for Our Bones?

The galactose in milk may explain why milk consumption is associated with significantly higher risk of hip fractures, cancer, and premature death. Subscribe to …

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  1. what if a naturopath has prescribed minerals such as potassium and magnesium phosphate and it says on the label jar 'contains lactose'. Is it possible these minerals could be harmful?'

  2. Was the cow's milk from quality 100% grass fed cows, or was it the "conventional" milk? I'm guessing these "studies" used the cheap, "conventional" milk.

  3. I was so happy to see this video. I am 13 and have been vegan for a while and most of my friends think my bones are going to get super weak and I knew I had heard this information somewhere but people can easily convince me I’m wrong so I thought that maybe the were right but this gave me so much validation and I am so happy

  4. Cow's milk is for baby cows! Not for human consumption. No wonder it's associated with all these health problems later on down the road.

  5. Drinking excessive amounts of milk is believed to acidify the body’s natural blood pH, which in turn triggers a biological correction in order to protect the kidneys. As calcium is an alkaline mineral it is thought that the body sacrifices calcium from the bones to neutralise the rise in blood acidity. Calcium from the bones is then excreted in the urine and not recycled leaving a net calcium deficiency

  6. You shud first shutdown these fat burger n pizza then comment on milk…..Id been drinking milk since childhood I'm so strong my bones are like steel

  7. Oh cmon, where are they getting these percentages and rates? I can see this being a very sloppy put together ratio of numbers, maybe the study can explain that milk, naturally being baby mammal's food would have enriching and healthy minerals to have strong growth in the body and bones more than likely, seems very suitable for the babies and humans.

  8. Milk does get you taller… two days ago I was 6’0 now I’m 9’6 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

  9. People should really do their research u_u Milk isn't really that bad for bones. America's bone epidemic is the result of many contributing factors. For example, Americans typically consume high salt, caffeine, protein, phosphorus, and iron diets. They also lack proper exercise which contributes to the deterioration of bone & matrix fibers. The fortification of milk has been shown to help many people, especially older adults. Salt & Caffeine is known to leak calcium into our urine. Protein metabolizes into sulfate which significantly reduces the bodies ability to absorb calcium. Phosphorus is meant to be at a 1:1 ratio, but most Americans are running at 2:1 which inhibits the bodies ability to absorb calcium. The imbalance also causes calcification in muscle and soft tissue fibers. Iron is found in many of our foods & shares the same absorption receptors with calcium. I could go on, and on, because our bones require 20 key nutrients/minerals/vitamins to function properly. And lifestyle is just as important. Milk may have it's down sides, but increasing bone fractures isn't one of them.

  10. That is not true ,i drink every day one litre of milk ,and i punch the wall without feeling any pain ,no broken bones

  11. i only use milk for tea coffee curd and sweets.. basically in India life without milk cant be imagined. So fuck this proganda bullshit. Cows give enough milk to feed the calf and then humans

  12. It depends on the milk people use for strong bones like babys drink their mommy’s milk to get big ya know?

    Not all are poisonous and there is only one or more buisness company that may BE doing the wrong situation

    Am i just a kid not understanding it? becausei grew up with it

  13. Associated,… 🤔

    You know what's also associated with higher risk of hip fracture?….. Being taller and having a lower BMI and being older.

    Average height in the north of europe went up significantly more, overweight rates are smaller, life expectancy got much higher.

    It's interesting that those places with taller people, lower average BMI (both signs of better nutrition), drink more milk and have higher life expectancy.

    And yeah, the hip fracture rates there are a bit higher…. But then again,… Do you prefer being shorter, fatter and live less long?

  14. Thanks for the video! Maybe you should update you website to this topic since the answer there from 2012 seems to contradict this.
    Also, has there been an update to the studies yet? 3 years probably isnt long, but I sure am curious ^^

  15. So it sounds like if someone is going to consume dairy products that it's better to consume a fermented form of it. I don't think I'll ever go full vegan but I have taken some steps to reduce Animal product intake and increase whole plant food intake. I'm quite Physically Active and try to exercise at least 6 days a week if time and energy permits. I used to use milk as a liquid base for a protein drink but I switched over to almond milk. I still have a good bit of whey protein left but once that's up I'm going to look into pea protein and other vegetable-based protein supplements. I've been having one egg a day as part of my typical diet but once my current carton of eggs is out, I won't be buying eggs anymore. I do still have about a cup of fat-free Greek yogurt everyday, though, and that's one of the things I will probably be holding on to.

  16. Where you get that bullshit information from? aah studies from yourself so i say fake information

  17. Dr Greger or anyone here that may know or able to answer me! I had a heated argument with a friend over the dangers of dairy. I told him most studies that show the benefits of dairy are usually sponsored by the dairy industry. He responded with, "There are peer reviewed studies that show the benefits of dairy." Does anyone know if there have been any such studies? And if so, were they controversial for having been sponsored by the dairy industry?

    Many thanks!

  18. I don't think we should be drinking milk (for ethical reasons) but all the studies sited were from the bmj which doesn't peer review and has results with low repeatability. Please be careful with this shit

  19. I've watched several videos on Milk and Eggs, and I feel like he's simply pushing a Vegan agenda.

  20. All of U should see what the cow food is if they are given good the milk will be good

  21. people used to dring milk say people in 18 century they never had any osteoporosis now why should we not drink

  22. 30 years later researchers will discover that milk is good for you again. I hate researchers cuz they are so confident in there research and then years later they are completely proved wrong

  23. To honest I wish you are my doctor could help with health problems i will happy for that

  24. I've drunk cows milk for years and never broken a bone and have perfect teeth, but I prefer science to my own experience so have gone completely WFPB, and feel better and stronger for it. WFPB is for the win!

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