Is Butter Really Back? What the Science Says

Is butter – and other saturated fats – bad for you or not? Subscribe to Dr. Greger’s free nutrition newsletter and get the Evidence-Based Eating Guide: A Healthy …

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  1. The reductions in Finland were from one region and not the whole country. Smoking was one if the main killers in addition to salt and other fats. To claim that butter was the culprit is misleading and absolutely false.

  2. Butter… Its completely natural just take a cow take the milk and get rid of all the nutrients leaving only calories. Yep everybody needs a cow to survive its a fact for sure.

  3. The French eat almost 3 times as much butter as people from Finland and have longer life expectancy. There are a long list of other countries also that eat more butter than Finland and have higher life expectancy. So I suspect the issue is not so simple. I think it's best to keep a distance from latest greatest science fad or ideas pushed by people who cite data selectively about a food item and come to dramatic conclusions that contradict other data. Obviously agenda driven!

  4. First of all, thank you so much for all your research on nutrition. I wanted to know if this is also true for 'Ghee' I have heard a lot of people recommending it and decided to use a spoon in cooking instead of oil, but now I am confused. I would love to know what you think.

  5. Dietary choices and the health effects from them are also heavily dependent on overall lifestyle choices, be responsible and active, if you want sugar eat some sugar, if you want butter eat some butter… Making a butter bashing video in which half the video was about candy and arguable studies puts you on the same level as time magazine.

  6. Am doctor. Ketogenic. 43. Look to my face to how am near to death. With 5 spoon of grass feed butter every day. You know what i know. Stop twist the science as u want to show.

  7. "We know what is butter". Yeah, that's the only fact in this video. Yet, You assume that saturated fats are unhealthy and we eat too much of it. How do You know that?
    You're throwing at us epidemiological studies (lowest evidence worth) which are showing some correlations but not causations. Neither total cholesterol nor LDL are independent cardiovascular diseases markers.

  8. Love your work! Your video's have been one of the motivators on my journey to a whole food and vegan based diet. Any comment though on the fact that vegan spreads like nuttelex that are processed but are still better than the whole food butter ?

  9. With the crazy amount of flat-out fucking fat pigs walking around do we really need to debate studies about what's making them fat as fuck? Just look around at what fat people eat and don't eat that same shit. Go whole plant food based and you won't be fat and you'll be nutritionally fulfilled.

  10. This is all bullshit. When a theory has no sort of scientific reality, it should not be accepted. Even when just one fact doesn't soddisfy a theory, it should be discussed. When there are many facts,…
    Superficial people often let themselves be dazzled by this appearance of logic. However the reality is another thing.

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