Is a degree in nutrition worthless?

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  1. Altogether, if your smart and have a good game plan, your wouldn't have too much to worry about! Unfortunately, living in Orlando, Fl. Im going to have to get my degree preferably online out of state due to the closest schools that give the RD accredited programs are hours away and would have me travel back and forth everyday 🙁 & no schools I. Florida have an online Bachelor's program to become an RD either… So im aiming to start the University of Alabama in the fall for their DPD program!

  2. Lol! My A.A. is in Communications! He's right! I have yet to see a rewarding career of it. I had an opportunity to work at a local radio station (WPGC) when I was younger and I blew it! When I realized it was an internship, I walked because I had an apartment to pay for. I still love to write though and hope to make a nice hustle out of blogging – I'm not expecting anything sizeable, but something is better than nothing for the money spent on my associates.

  3. Do you recommend that I get a nutrition degree? I have a 3.8 cumulative gpa in high school (currently finishing senior year) and live in the Los Angeles area in California and plan to stay here.

  4. You made some good points. I have two degrees (Mass Communications B.A. and African Studies M.A.) and I'm not working in those fields. I'm in a lot of debt from grad school. I'm really big on nutrition and I basically learn from my experiences and do my research. If I could redo school over again without significant debt, it would definitely be a degree in nutrition. Nevertheless, I have my own business now a fitness and health company. Things are starting to come together as far as my passion for writing, film, nutrition, fitness, and health. I have been blogging for some time now, and I plan to do a few documentaries in the future. Education these days are overrated. Plus, the job market is not the same for this generation. With access to technology, you can network and pretty much find someone to teach you or teach yourself the things that you want to do. I definitely like what you said about trade school. It's time that we stop relying on others to tell us what we should be doing and start to make things happen for ourselves. Which I know can be tough if you're young. So, hopefully I can help the younger generation by sharing my experiences with them. If you have to get into debt to go to college it's something that you probably want to reconsider. Not only will it financially strain you but it's also an investment of your time. Time is money and you don't want to waste time doing things that won't get you anywhere.

  5. any tips for undergrad who are going to study Dietitcs?
    like any intro books you recommend, any actions or community service, like anything i should be aware of beforehand .

  6. I agree. While I love history and want to learn Spanish, I feel a degree in that would be worthless. I went for computer science with a focus on cybersecurity.

  7. People go outta state bc they have to RUN FROM THEIR FAMILIES just to get through school… lol. it ain't that easy all the time #ijs

    And yes ALL DEGREES can be worthless, pending how you achieved it and what you do with it afterwards! #Truth

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