Instead of This….Have this! Olive Garden, Applebees, Coldstone


Hey Guys! This is another video in my dining out series of healthier options to pick at your favorite local restaurants. I posted links for the nutritional information pages below so you can check out the options yourself! πŸ™‚


Olive Garden


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  1. @shaybay192 If you want a more in depth answer feel free to email me!:) I would suggest watching part one and two of my lose weight and maintain weight videos i have a lot of tips in there. For school food avoid high fat and processed foods. Load of up fresh fruits and veggies but determine the difference between the processed fruits (canned peaches for example). Also chose skim milk or water for drink. At the gym I feel the best order is to lift weights before cardio. Again feel free to email!

  2. ive never heard of coldstone before but in the pics they look really good so i know i should stay away im try to lose weight but i have a tight B. and my school food are almost always unhealthy so do u have any tips for me. and anywork out tips i have a membership at a gym but when i go i dont know where to go first but i know i wanna work out my arms and legs do u have any tips for that too i would love a reply thank you

  3. @Devika219 Swimming is an excellent total body workout! Swimmers tend to have very long lean bodies because the water is great for toning the muscles. When dealing with diet and exercise to lose weight I go by this saying "It is 80% diet and 20% exercise". Meaning your results are mainly determined by what your diet consists of. I am currently working on a video letting you know how many calories you should consume in a day so stay tuned for that! πŸ™‚

  4. Great Video. I Dont Have These Restaurants Where I Live, But Its Given Me An Idea Of What To Choose When I Go Out To Eat
    I Have An Unrelated Question.. Im Trying To Get Into Shape & Have Taken Up Swimming. Would You Say Its A Sort Of Like An All Body Exercise That Will Help Me Loose Weight & Get Into Shape?
    Would Be Very Great full For You Reply.

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