In-N-Out Burger VS. Shake Shack! BEST Fast Food Burger in America

Two of the most iconic burger joints in America are In-n-Out and Shake Shack. In this video, I chow down the beef between the west vs. east coast burger.

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  1. Love these vids. Try Habit. Better and cheaper. And GRILLED! Shake Shack is amazing but soooo expensive. In and Out is also great, I always go there when I’m in California. I think Habit beats those two though due to being grilled and much cheaper, despite them doing the burgers fresh on site.

  2. An alternate universe where Jackie Chan travels and eats while building his fan base online. He still trains, but behind the scenes, it doesn’t become his career.

  3. He just inhaled 3,620 calories. I looked it up online. But that can easily be burned off with 9 hours of walking around NYC.

  4. Order the In N Out fries well done next time and they won't be soggy. Animal fries are also meant to be eaten with a fork, not one by one.

  5. I love to see your videos but I cant take your love for burger juices that is awful the burger diaper makes me throw up soggy bun eewww.

  6. That magical moment when you're actually eating the same thing Mikey Chen is eating in a Strictly Dumpling video and agreeing with everything he says…

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