How To Read A Nutrition Label

– How To Read Nutrition label.

This is probably the most important ten minutes you can spend when it comes to improving your health.

We’ve all heard the statement, you are what you eat. Well, most of us don’t really know what we are eating.

In this video you are going to discover how simple it is to read a nutrition label. You will discover what all of those numbers mean and why they are important. And you will see that it is easy.

If you want to lose weight and really get on track to eating healthy, understanding the food label is one of the most important things you can do.

Actually it becomes interesting to see how it all works once you see how the food label is explained.

All the information from serving size to vitamins are explained here and how much you should be eating.

So take a few minutes to see how understanding the nutrition guide will help you.

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  1. When you go to find how many calories come from fat, carbs, and proteins, all of those numbers added together do not come to the indicated total of calories at the top of the label. Am I missing something? Is my math wrong?
    fat- 9×9=81 (81 calories come from fat)
    carb- 4×22=88 (88 calories come from carbs)
    protein- 4×3=12 (12 calories come from protein)
    81+88+12 = 181 calories.
    So his label says calories 170. 181 calories and 170 calories is not the same…
    Someone explain to me!!!

  2. it is very irresponsible of you to say that cholesterol is bad and suggesting we stay away from it. everyone needs cholesterol and the sugar industry has made it a target for cholesterol to be seen as a bad thing but it's actually very important for us and we do need cholesterol in our diets

  3. "Cholesterol thats bad stay away from that" Bro please only speak on things you are educated on… Cholesterol is only bad if it is cholesterol derived from saturated triglycerides. You can't just generalize all cholesterol like that. You are giving people false info.

  4. so ive looked at every label in my pantry and none of them have the calorie section. its driving me insane bc no matter where I look no one is telling me what is happening. im australian. do aussies not have calories?? im so confused and frustrated

  5. hello ^^ may I ask you something? I read in so many places a different way to calculate the calories some say (Total Protein * 4 + Total Fat * 9 + Total Carbs – Fiber ) = real calories .. and other say (Total Protein * 4 + Total Fat * 9 + Total Carbs *4 + Total Fiber * 2) = real calories??? so what do you think? I'm really lost now :/

  6. nobody cares about the vitamines, just take vitamine supplements, and look for Good fats, Protein and good sugars (fiber etc) , Stay the F away from Sat. and TRANS Fats, those are the worst

  7. Because cholesterol is a fat that is found in our cells, cholesterol can be good because it produces hormones and vitamins, too much can lead to high cholesterol which can increase the chances of a person having coronary heart disease.

  8. One quick question, It said the amount of calories was 170, but when you calculated all the calories from fat, carbs and protein it came to 181 calories, and that doesn't include the calories from everything else. Why do they work out differently? Thanks!

  9. yes but just because its in grams doesn't mean its sketchy, Just because some people can't put it into perspective doesn't make it not legit.

  10. I pretty sure most people in the United States of America cannot put 144 grams in perspective in a convenient manner. Also, I'm sure he knows what 144 grams is, and he, like most Americans, cannot practically put that number in perspective.

  11. I'm tired of everyone just thinking about calories and fat. They should also be focusing on the ingredients, what effects total health and/or the nutrients in addition to those two.

    I'm glade you addressed at least some of that in your vid. ^^ Liked.

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