How To Nail The “No Makeup Look” In Just 6 Easy Steps

Looking bright and awake is arguably the most important part of the “no-makeup look.” That includes a brightening eye cream (we repeat: skin care is the first step), and using concealer to your advantage.

On the eye cream front, makeup artist Alexandra Compton, product development manager at clean beauty retailer Credo, recommends snagging one formulated with caffeine. “This will immediately help to rehydrate, brighten and reduce any puffiness under the eyes,” she says. As for concealer, Aunique is partial to a purple color corrector to instantly brighten dark circles. Pro tip: Apply it in the inner corner of your under-eye first (where people tend to have the most discoloration), sheer it out, then follow with a regular concealer on top to set. “That gives you instant brightness,” Aunique adds. 

Next, simply apply your concealer only where you need it most (breakouts, hyperpigmentation, and the like). Concealer is also the “no-makeup look” version of a highlighter: “Extend your concealer slightly over the tops of the cheekbones for a very natural, subtle highlight,” says Compton.

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