How To Manage 2 Common Sleep Problems With Your Sleeping Position

As anyone with back issues likely knows, it can feel like an accomplishment to wake up without a sore back. That’s because, between less than optimal pillows and old mattresses, our spines are thrown all out of whack at night.

As such, “if you have spinal alignment issues or pain,” Darley tells mbg, “you want to sleep in a position that has your spine as aligned as possible.”

The spin has a natural “S” curvature, doming slightly in the upper back and curving inward in the lower back. It’s important to support these curves, either with proper pillow placement, or readjusting your position entirely.

“Sleeping on your back can be good and healthy, but your pillow should be really flat to that so you don’t have your chin to your chest,” Darley notes. Additionally, being too elevated on your pillow can put pressure on the low back. “Maybe they have really big pillow so their neck is cranked up to the side, or it’s maybe they have too flat of a pillow and their neck is sagging down casing misalignment,” she says, “and over years that’s not good for your cervical spine.”

For extra support on your back without investing in a brand new mattress, you can try putting a small pillow under your low back, and one under the bend of your knees.

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