How To Get Rid Of A Pimple Overnight: 9 Tips From Derms

Many teas have anti-inflammatory benefits. Thus, if yours is an angry, red pimple, you’d benefit from tempering the inflammation, along with the clogged pores. Treating the inflammation, at the very least, will help the zit appear smaller and less noticeable. So even if you can’t magically rid you skin of breakouts overnight, you can improve the appearance. Two of the most common teas used? Green tea and chamomile. 

Joyce Park, M.D., board-certified dermatologist, certainly agrees: “When used in topical skin care products, chamomile can help calm and soothe the skin,” she says.

According to board-certified dermatologist Suneel Chilukuri, M.D., same goes for green tea: “Green tea has been shown to decrease sebum production, and the caffeine in the tea will increase blood flow to allow more rapid healing of the blemish,” says Chilukuri. 

Whatever tea you choose, start by boiling water and make the tea just as you would if you were drinking it. After letting the tea bag cool (so as not to burn yourself), squeeze out the excess tea, and apply the tea bag directly to the blemish. Let the bag sit on the blemish for two minutes and rinse. 

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