How To Get Free Food At Qdoba (works every time)

If this video gets 10000 likes I will give one of the commenters+subscribers+likers a $100 Best Buy gift card and a shoutout! Get a bowl I’m no mathematician, but …

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  1. You fucking pussy people quit calling district managers on people they wouldn’t have to do this kind of shit if you idiots that make the fucking food so damn expensive for people can’t even afford to fucking eat no more instead y’all wanna cry like bitches and call the police and turn into your district manager going nuts sack

  2. Ugly immoral millennials displaying their evil characters. Worst generation America has ever produced.

  3. Awwww look at all my qdobians defending our store
    Yea u ppl tryna get free food are evil

  4. That's always the hardest part of BOGO, finding someone to go with and pay lol

  5. Ughhh your tht type of fuckin customer tht scans without fuckin waiting this ain’t fuckin Walgreens.!

  6. That is HORRIBLE to take advantage of people and Qdoba!! The food is MAGNIFICENT but there is ABSOLUTELY NO reason for LYING/STEALING!! Pay for your food every thing costs money!! Lying is BAD!! Do not be ABUSING the app like that!! SO UNCOOL DUDE!!

  7. So your method is to Lie… nice, what is the difference between this and any other form of theft? It's your reputation guess we know the value you put on yours.

  8. u said yuck when passing a dog…………………………..thats fucked up

  9. Thanks for the info im a team leader at a qdoba and will now check ids and let my district manager know about this

  10. Well,
    Thanks for the information!!! I actually work at QDOBA and i going to contact the corporation to fix this issue, and prevent people to abuse of the app like you.

  11. And then after they left they bitched about social safely nets for the poor like the entitled fucks they are

  12. won't they notice if you do it daily that some random fuck has his birthday every two days

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