How to Eat Oats to Lose Weight

How to Eat Oats to Lose Weight. Part of the series: Nutrition 101. Eating oats can help people to lose weight in that it contains a great deal of fiber, which is easily …

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  1. Sounds ridiculous but at one point in my life I lost 180 pounds eating oatmeal. The ridiculous part is that I would get plain oatmeal and put salsa and cheese in it and add chicken or taco meat. Sometimes I’d use turkey pepperoni and some pizza sauce and I’d eat it out of a bowl and it tasted like pizza to me. Try it even though it sounds crazy

  2. A serving size is half of a cup (40g or so, right?0), then you say have a good moderate amount , maybe a 1 cup portion would be a good breakfast starter. So which one is it? 1/2 cups (40g) for breakfst, or 1 cup (80g)? Also, is this all we need for breakfast? shouldn't it go with almond milk or something? It;s my first time trying this, so I made a bowl of almond milk (that's around 400 ml) with 1 cup of oats, but i guess that's too much, huh?
    And is it safe to eat this every day? isnt it better something like 4 days a week or something like that?

  3. Would be great if you can give us some healthy breakfast lunch and dinner ideas. Im diabetic and would love to incorporate oats to my diet. Thank you.

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