How Studying Holistic Nutrition Changed My Life

Today’s video is all about my experience studying holistic nutrition at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition (IIN.) { Cliquez sur le CC a droite pour les sous-titres, …

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  1. Hi, I’m thinking about taking the plant based nutrition class Cornell offers. Did you ever end up taking it? I’d love to get more info if you did.

  2. Hey does anyone here know of a holistic nutrition certificate program in NYC that has classes in-person? I'm not a huge fan of online courses because I am so ADD lol!

  3. Love what you do. I am interested in becoming a holistic nutritionist as well but kinda want to do what you do with your blog and all. How do you manage to make a living from what you have learned and your blog?

  4. I will also do this course. But i m confused about Afaa nutrition course. What u think? Apart from the course u mentioned what options i have? Online only n especially for athletes, sports. Because i my self play football. So any plant based certification especially for athletes?

  5. The big question… how much money do you make as a nutritionist ? I wanna be able to afford a house on my own and live comfortably.

  6. What are the jobs available for this kind of field. I am currently contemplating about Holistic Nutrition..

  7. I'm studying nutrition in india nd people here keep asking me why I'm i into dis field?!! Is think, i shud pass on ur video 😇 very informative 👍

  8. Thank you! I have recently enrolled on a health and science access course and hopefully that will lead me to University to study nutrition.This video was very useful for me, thank you so much

  9. I am into health and wellness that puts emphasis on spiritually and physical and emotional healing. Does this school teach alot about spirituality? Or Shoulf I go to the school of applied functional medicine. I'm trying to see if this school is right for me. I want to focus more on physical and emotional healing. Then nutrition but learning nutrition will help me with my career too

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