How NR Supplements Help An Ironman Champion With Recovery

Recovery is vital for athletic performance, regardless if you’re just getting started or you are a professional athlete. The thing is, though, that the latter group tends to know just how important recovery is—they’ve seen the impact of not allowing the body to rest, either firsthand or through their peers. 

This is why most athletes take it seriously—and will do whatever they can to support this process. Like Hillary Biscay, Ultraman World Champion and Ironman Champion. Obviously, given her profession, she has to take special care of her body, as it’s often put under quite a bit of pressure. One way she’s mentioned that she enhances her fitness regime is through supplementation, specifically mindbodygreen’s nr+

“Pretty soon after starting nr+, I noticed a huge difference not only in my energy levels but also my recovery during training. Fueling my day is so important⁠—especially as a mom of three,” she tells us. “And as an Ironman champion and 66-time ironman finisher, choosing quality ingredients in my supplements is non negotiable. mindbodygreen and Thorne are leading the pack with this formula.*”

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