How many EGG WHITES a day are SAFE | Info by Guru Mann

How many EGG WHITES you can consume in a day a breif explanation by Fitness expert Guru Mann.

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  1. is we take white egg omelette is good or boiled? nutrition value same or different

  2. Sir double egg youlk in a egg please reserch on this I have full tray of double egg youlk

  3. Uric acid naam ki chij b hoti h kuch.
    Bhaii saab kya hi bakwas content h apka.
    Me bolna ni chahta kuchh, side effects hote h bhai. Thoda padh likh ke aya kro. Doctors bevkooof ni h

  4. Apki videos bht achi lgti hai but thodi si mushkil hoti hai smjne me aj tk mujhe diet nhi smj ayi pure din ki jo ap btate hsi

  5. Sir I have been following u for a long time. But today one stupid man ( "we r stupid" u tuber ) is misguiding us. And he is showing you also that u are telling wrong. Sir please watch that video. I have told that person that " he is wrong". U can see my comment there . My name is joydev moni. Sir here I am not insisting u do to a debate with him. But as I respect u go I am telling my grudge to u. Love u sir.

  6. sir are you talking boiled eggs ?? or raw eggs bec i have scene some videos promoting RAW eggs …….if it is boiled than its sounds good …

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