How many Calories are in whiskey?

We all know a beer gut is a thing, but few toat the fabled “Whiskey Gut”. Find out how many Calories are in your whiskey. It’s a lot simpler than it sounds!

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  1. I never thought about the caloric content of whiskey. I myself am on the Keto diet, and as far as my research can tell, alcohol will stop the production of ketones, however as soon as the alcohol is processed, it will go right back to where it was. that being said, with too much alcohol (if there is such a thing) the excess alcohol gets converted into sugar, which is bad for those on a low carb diet. This is actually one of the main reasons for me moving to straight Bourbon, so I can drink it straight without the mixers (sugar). That was much longer than I anticipated, lol.

  2. Thanks for this info, i had been wondering about this two weeks back! Guess i'll have to just pace back and forth this kitchen to counter balance those cals! Hahah

  3. I believe ethanol will convert to keto bodies which will not be utilized in. The production of adipose. It's an extra energy source though so any food you do eat can be converted to fat because keto bodies are utilized primarily rather than glucose

  4. Just found your channel and subscribed. Looking forward to watching future videos. I invite you to check out my vintage whiskey series on my channel, I think you'll find it interesting. Cheers!

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