How Many Calories Are In McDonald’s Burgers (Nutrition Facts)

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Eating fast food once in a whole won’t hurt you.
But too much of it can cause serious problems.
This video will help you decide which burger is healthy for you.

Note that all the information presented on this video are collected from the official site of McDonald’s :

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  1. So many calories, damn.. Like, I ran 8 km today during one hour and 5 minutes and I just burnt 690 calories.. I almost die to run 8 km.. And it scaries me to think that you need so much work and effort to burn 690 calories and in one sit in mc donald, IN JUSR ONE FUCKING BURGUER YOU CAN EAT 780..

    Thats why people get fat.. it is impossible for you body to process so many calories

  2. Tysm, im on a diet and for my cheat day which is like once every month, im getting mcdonalds and this helps so much. I already dropped 9kg and got 8kg more to go🤧 Wish me luck🤞🏻

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