How I Lost Weight Eating Taco Bell Daily

Answer: Caloric Deficit. For A Better Answer Check These 2 Sources Nutrition Info …

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  1. Fuck I just finished eating 10 pack of tacos 🌮 😂😂💪💪💪💪

  2. you had so much diarhhea that you shat out all that weight?

  3. I'd lose weight from constantly shitting my brains out

  4. Funny how now that taco bell started in Finland they have this burrito with excellent macros. 40g protein with 15g of fat and 50g carbs. Makes weight loss an easy journey. Down 2 pounds after first week.

  5. I would do this and add a green smoothie for micronutrients.

    Simple and practical.

  6. Lost 30 lbs eating fast food everyday for 3 months. Calorie reduction is all that really matters for weight loss

  7. Great channel great info, respect your honesty and quality content!

  8. Thanks for the video Are u still that lean? if so did you bump your calories up once you got that lean or do you still eat low calories to stay that lean ?

  9. Eating taco bell everyday = diarrhea everyday. Boom. Easy weight loss.

  10. bulk up your upper body dude,cmon you are out of proportion

  11. Incoming, how i gained weight eating taco bell 5 times a day

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