Heart Healthy Dairy Queen Blizzard | Low Carb | Low Fat | High Protein

Low carb, low fat, high protein Dairy Queen Blizzard! Great for breakfast or lunch! The ingredients in this are great for heart health! ▻ Nutrition and instructions …

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  1. This is awesome! Thank you. I do love the DQ blizzard. While flexible dieting is awesome it is so hard to fit DQ in it most times, lol. I will definitely give this a try. Just a quick question, is Xanthum gum safe to use with kids (7 and up)? In case I don't use bananas. Thanks.

  2. Just sent this to all my health coaching clients! Hopefully gets you some views and possible some purchases of the product! 🙂

  3. Looks yummy! It seems you do not consume very much dairy. I'm wondering about your take on casein. I consume quite a bit of dairy products daily – including greek yogurt. Do you think casein is a carcinogen as Dr T Colin Campbell professes?

  4. You make me want to eat a blizzard lmao I say no no no the name makes it sound so good and it look like a blizzard of sweets and snow in a cup clever advertisement went a long way though I'm good just eating it on my own tho I try to only eat sweets once or twice a week but if you still thinks that's to much I eat the whole box of whatever I'm eating but healthy chips and dip and fruit shakes help a lot I understand that on the go life have a lot of people look like blizzards lol I just wanna look like a pineapple 🤷🏻‍♂️

  5. I tried xanham gum before. Oh man that bloated me up like crazy! So I usually use a frozen banana or chia seeds. Sometimes just low carb frozen fruit helps too, like you said with the banana. Can't wait to hear about your guy health series! I would be super interested in that. Especially how grains can be a negative effect on a non Celiac person.

  6. Cookie dough for spoon eating is in the cooler section by the butter, yogurt & pillsbury cookie dough rolls too! So good. Dangerous though 😝

  7. I couldn't believe the calorie count on the Blizzard… Yikes! Either way, Blizzards upset my stomach big time, so I'll gladly take your alternative! 😀

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