Healthy Fast Food Meal Choices! Under 500 calories – McDonalds, Subway, & more! – Mind Over Munch

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  1. This is a very weird video it just focuses on calories but in reality if you eat 500 calories with 40 grams of protein you will be fuller longer than a 300 calorie meal with 17 grams of protein.

  2. "Do you have anything healthy killed me 😂" but still yes there is healthy food options in fast food stores all around and most of the time they are really good for you and can help with your diet.

  3. Lmao dame that's horrible,… Judy take the bread our from burgers or sandwiches and add extra lettuce, salads just squeeze a nice orange and there

  4. whenever i order kfc or anything chicken, i dont eat the skin. It saved me a LOT of calories.

  5. 3 soft tacos from Taco Bell, but substitute the meat for chicken adds up to around 400 calories.

  6. I like what she said "One meal with less fuel won't make you fat. One healthy meal won't make you skinny". Thumbs up

  7. Well…..
    Calories aren't an enemy but be careful with that.
    While they are not directly an enemy, you NEED to eat at a deficit in order to lose weight. Think of it this way:

    Calories are the fuel. Its how much you need total.
    The nutrition facts are what list the specialties.

    Let's say your body needs 1255 Calories.
    In that it needs an amout of protien, an amout of salt, An amount of fat, and an amount of carbs.
    It's called a balanced diet. In general though, eating at a significant deficit than you burn in a day like say 500 calories, WILL LOSE WEIGHT. The less you eat, the more balanced you need to make your meals.

    I urge you all to be careful and please do not take to unhealthy weight loss such as starving yourself etc. That will only lead to binging and weight gain. I know. I have done it.

  8. Thanks for the vid! My only question so far is at Burger King, isn't the grilled chicken just a lot larger in volume, which would explain slightly more calories?

  9. Going on a hunting trip with a 6 hour drive. I know my family is going to want to stop at fast food so this is a life saver 😅 thank you for the tips 🤘

  10. So thsts why they got rid of the bk grilled chicken i like it but dam alot salt

  11. the lowest one I found from Taco bell is the regular taco which was 170 cals, but the sodium, it’s a lot😳

  12. El pollo loco is also a great low calorie alternative. I ate a 2pc meal breast and wing with 2 side salads (no dressing) replaced the dressing with avocado salsa and came out to 500 calories. You can also ask them for skinless breast and they offer steamed broccoli and riced lime cauliflower for healthier side options.

  13. I have been eating these meals that you suggested for three years now and I am having experiencing diarrhea and I might have diabetes thanks a lot.

  14. Excellent video. I'm in a location where fast food, buffets, BBQ restaurants are plentiful. Can you do a video on making healthy choices at restaurants like Texas Roadhouse for example? Where I live when you ask for Lite anything, people ask if you're sick! I welcome any useful comments.

  15. Never question a person if they have a kid’s meal😅
    It’s better than getting a double beef burger

  16. At Macdonald’s, my mom, who is a carb watcher always gets the big breakfast without hot cakes and doesn’t eat the biscuit. Which means she only eats the eggs and sausage. And drinks water. No carbs.

  17. I love to eat out I’m definitely trying these choices thank you ❤️💕

  18. I’m not sure if Starbucks and Dunkin’ Donuts count as a fast food restaurant.

  19. I usually speed up videos with a lot of blah-blah to 1.25x
    Watching yours I had to slow down playback speed to 0.75x

  20. I once asked the donut lady if she had any healthy donuts. Spoilers she didn't.

  21. The 700 people who disliked this probably support health at every size.

  22. Guys if you order anything from Taco Bell with a tortilla they wrap it and there’s like 30% unused tortilla just take it off and only use the part that’s required to hold the filling What I get. Any meat in a quesadilla The tacos aren’t bad either 15 carbs each have either one of those with a side of beans and a diet drink.

  23. Wow! I literally watched your video and ordered exactly what you recommended from Chick-fil-A, I’m also a very picky eater and what you recommended was so so delicious! I’ve never had their grilled chicken I’ve only had their spicy chicken deluxe and now I’m a fan! Thank you for the recommendation!! You have any subscriber!!!

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