Health & Nutrition : Is Popcorn a Healthy Snack?

Popcorn can be a healthy snack when it is prepared correctly, such as in an air popper with only a small amount of butter and salt. Find out how to prepare …

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  1. Goddamn it! What the hell am I going to snack on now? After cutting out the pizza, popcorn was my last hope.

    F-ck it! I just won't eat anything!!! 😶

  2. I have an air popper and I love it. No butter, no microwave bag/chemicals. I think this is the way to go, thank you for the video.

  3. Hamza Hassan
    First- your grammar is horrible.
    Second- is this your opinion. Did you even do any research into this.
    Third- Eating popcorn is a healthy snack. And people can say that anything causes cancer so don't worry about it. Just watch how much butter and salt that you put on the popcorn. Keep eating it every night, or just cut back some if you're that worried. Plus, it's better for you than other snack foods like ice cream or candy!
    Fourth- It is very ironic that you call other people stupid when you yourself are very ignorant.
    Fifth- I do not have to agree with you.

  4. you lost all credibility at "canola oil" there is no such thing as a Canola plant. Canola oil is a processed hydrogenated oil from the rapeseed plant. its also registered as a pesticide. a little bit of butter? how about no. how about a little bit of Sea salt. certified dietician with face value advice.

  5. Actually, false. Popcorn is not healthy. Common, don't be idiots, use your brain, mind, make up your  mind. Ask your self a question: If I go to somewhere active and I eat popcorn before going there, am I goanna do good? Will it help? Will I do better? Will I do well?

    I disabled replies so I wont get complains that im false and that it is healthy.
    Im true, actually. OK?! YOU MUST AGREE!

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  7. Listen, people. You don't get fat from popcorn! Even when you drizzle butter on it. Yum! Let's get real. It's better to focus diet efforts on real culprits- NOT on reducing calories in healthy foods like popcorn & yogurt. Lo-Cal & Fat Free versions of those foods are silly. Eliminate Big Macs, French fries, full calorie soda, icecream, etc. Enjoy popcorn!

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