Hardees 16 double cheeseburgers in 3 minutes (5,440 calories) – Randy Santel Hardees $20 Challenge

Please subscribe. Can I beat Randy’s Time of 16:58? 16 Hardees double cheeseburger sliders – 5440 calories. Randy’s video …

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  1. I got to say I’ve been watching videos like this for years and I think you take the cake buddy the whole cake you should go official should be in the Guinness book of records

  2. Randy is never going to be the fastest or able to eat the most. I think his niche is travelling everywhere and trying many different challenges. Different foods, different countries. You get the idea. I have been watching him for awhile (4-5 years) and I like and respect him. What is sad to me is that most people refuse to like, respect and give equal time to pure talent. When I say that, I am referring to you, Bob, Dan "Killer" Kennedy, and Darron "Discount Darron" Breedon. Why don't some people love talent just as much as entertainment? I have no answer for that. But I subscribe to all of you "lesser known" fellows and I love all you guys! Bob, maybe "Notorious" by "Loverboy", too. Some members of Bon Jovi sang backup on that song. 🙂

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