Gaspari Anavite LAB TESTS – Lyman Good / USADA SHOW YOUR DATA


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  1. Shame USADA isn't an actual government agency. Without that, they have no accountability and you can't request FOIA info from them. Yet, they receive all their funding from tax payer dollars.

  2. Reminds me of a while ago when Nitro Tech had an andro derivative in it i remember reading

  3. USADA doesn't receive all of their funding from tax dollars. They get paid for 3rd party/independent testing. However, they contract with the individuals that pay for the testing and the contract, not the USADA code, controls all testing parameters. If you look at the ratio of individuals caught via USADA or WADA testing vs the ratio of people that, statistically, must be using PEDs, it's pretty clear that USADA/WADA are both useless. They will catch enough people to justify funding, but if you think this will lead to clean sports you are clinically delusional. WADA/USADA are great art catching individuals that inadvertently take a banned substance, usually a stimulant with dubious performance enhancing qualities, but they suck at catching those on true doping protocols.

  4. It all comes down to corruption and people lining pockets to get what they want , if people don't think this doesn't go on then open you eyes it does,. good job for exposure to this corruption.

  5. Do me a favor… Test a batch of Dyamatize ISO-100 peanut butter flavor protein and see if it's not full of fat and sugars. It tastes too good! LOL

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