Functional Nutrition

It’s an individualized treatment plan to help improve your overall health. “This is getting your health back. This is getting to a point where you have a higher quality of life,” explained Julie Hill, an outpatient dietitian with Lee Health.

She teaches patients the benefits of functional nutrition. “Going back through the entire history really speaks to where we can start and understand that person,” said Hill.

Through a 20 page questionnaire, health experts can determine what’s causing the symptoms or diagnosis that’s disrupting your health. “We have to step it back and say what is the driver? Why do you have this diagnosis or this symptom?” she said.

Depending on the symptom or diagnosis, health experts can design a diet and lifestyle plan to help improve your health. “It’s my job to unwind and figure out where to start, whether it’s nutrition or other protocols,” said Hill.

Other protocols may be sleep, stress, social situations, or exercise. While the process can take time, health experts say the results can be life-changing and lifelong. “We track outcomes. Usually, we’re seeing about anywhere from a 40 to 60 percent improvement just in the first few months,” she said.

Identifying the cause and making a few changes to your lifestyle can improve your quality of life.

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