Forget the Egg Whites – Eat the EGG YOLKS!

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  1. The other video you said is bad to eat eggs
    In this video you explain that eggs have good proteins and vitamins. ..
    So do we have to eat eggs or not Dr.Berg?

  2. Dr. Berg, here we go again, please read this article & make a video if you would as a reply. I also heard in Chicago O'Hare on the radio that Northwestern Hospital and or university said that the egg yolks for bad also this keeps going back and forth and I've been studying nutrition for years and I tend to agree with you and dr. Mercola serious I would really appreciate if you could reply to this

  3. Surprise: Sausage and egg McMuffin = D3 + K2. Do the 3 minute receipt survey and get a free McMuffin next time.

  4. I eat 2 to 4 eggs everyday (whole egg) My cholesterol and health are perfect. I dont like to waste the egg and i want all the protein in it.

  5. I'm sorry, but most of us middle class folk literally don't make enough money to eat organic food all the time, whether that's eggs, fruit, or even the highly acclaimed organic vegetables.

    This brings up a question. Is there any real significant danger to eating non-organic food for one's entire life? I know processed food are amongst the worst things you can eat, that's given.

    But if one person were to never eat organic food in their life, vs a person who literally ONLY ate organic food their entire life (for example, a person who lives in the countryside in a farm).

    Are there any significant benefits to eating only organic? Is it worth it (worth the extra cost as well)?

  6. Dear Dr. Berg

    I like all your egg videos, especially "Forget the Egg Whites – Eat the EGG YOLKS!"

    Recently I watched a TV show, in which Some Chinese doctors explained that over-boiled eggs contain a harmful substance for our gut; the egg yoke contains much methionine, which, when overboiled, will react with iron in the yoke, forming iron sulfide or ferrous sulfide,which makes it harder for our gut to digest the egg protein , causing the protein to stay in our gut longer than usual. And this, they said, may harm our gut, increasing the risk of serious gut diseases. Is this true?

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