Food Wars Tim Hortons Nutrition: Healthy vs Unhealthy Options #LLTV

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  1. One of the healthiest drink options is any of the herbal teas. 0 cals. you can add milk or sugar if you wish which would change that obviously. Just a tea bag in water, and theres a wide selection.

  2. I work there and I tell all my friends not to eat there. It would probably take me an hour to write out all the ingredients of each component for any one item on the menu  

  3. Thanks for the video-this just confirms my suspicions that Timmy's doesn't offer better solutions, even though they like to market it as such. Do you think Dunkin' would offer anything better (do they still exist in your area)?
    Have you sent a link to this video to Timmy's? If you haven't, I think perhaps you should. It may at least have them reconsider on listing all ingredients and maybe changing up a few recipes. Note:as of a few months ago, Dairy Queen only listed allergens, not ingredients

  4. Haha I love that bit where you spoke of the sugar! '45 grams of sugar… *nods*' I don't like hot chocolate and cappucino:$ thx for the video Brad!

  5. Great information! You can ALWAYS find a Tims in any town when you're on the road and that sucks that they have nothing healthy. I'll stick to black coffee from there.

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