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  1. Better than Ross and Rachel made fandom sad with break up get back together and breakup again in one episode

  2. Yeah and for me to watch 9 seasons of Himym to watch Ted meet his wife just to see how he gets back to Robin

  3. IKR bruh I hate taht they got married then divorced they should have stayed together tbh she’s better w Barney then ted

  4. U guyz are always looking up for destination…. Try to remember the journey. Once.

  5. This still irritates me to this day. They built up within eight seasons, meeting the mother, to mainly focus on a wedding, for a couple that, yes, I love, to just kill off the mother, and have Barney and Robin divorce immediately in the finally. Frustrating, and disappointing.

  6. 😑😑😑😑😑😑😭😭😭

  7. I think that Robin and ted are better so I’m glad that they divorced so quickly. Also i think barney end up with nora would be perfect, without any divorces or deaths!

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