Five Things Starbucks Won’t Tell You

With more than 20000 stores spread across 65 countries, Starbucks has all but redefined coffee and the coffeehouse experience. But as Charles Passy reports, …

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  1. You could essentially create different drinks but it’s not a secret menu

  2. Coffee is subpar. I think it’s just the simple fact that people go there because they think they are “cool” or “trendy”. Unless of course they just love setting money on fire for something they can get at any gas station for a $1.50

  3. if you are into profiting $500 of McDonald's gift cards you must see FreeBurger . me . (paste on your browser with no space), for my husband, it's Articulate.

  4. People go to Starbucks for status. "I'm a Yuppie", "I'm a blue blood", "my last name is Jones", etc.

  5. Starbucks tastes like wicked strong days old coffee with a soapy taste. I asked for regular coffee which theirs would be mild roast to Tim Horton's ordinary coffee. I asked for X-Large and was shocked at the price of $3.00. They told me well our size of large is Tim hortin's X-Large, we don't sell X-large it is the same size as Tim's X-Large. Well Tim Horton's X-Large is 20 ounces the same size as Star Bucks Large is also 20 ounces, but .70 cents more then Tim Horton's for the exact same ounce size, just a different name size. It tastes like super old coffee and super strong like it is days old. Their lids are open holes, with a ledge before the hole that sipping is harder to do so and the coffee spills and gets cold before you reach the car being an open hole. Their cups suck and are cheap. Tim Horton's have a raised button that don't open until you press on it, and it open and closes, with ease to drink and thicker stronger cups. I can't believe they charge 70 cents more for a bad design lid for the money and wicked awful tasting coffee. Their coffee should be sold on vending trucks only. I bet McDonald's coffee is much, much better tasting and better cups for the money. I had to spit it out and ask them for their weakest coffee to feel like a normal coffee, even then I had to throw it out it was strong and tasted like soap.

  6. why not just order espresso that mix nothing? or any kind of black coffee? milk free sugar free. they are the real coffee.

  7. Correction! The "secret menu" is NOT a Starbucks menu. If you order a drink that's on the secret menu, guess what, you have to tell what's in it because YOU created it.

  8. As a barista, I can confirm WE HAVE NO SECRET MENU. It’s a menu created by customers and or baristas who try different flavors. If you ask me for a “double chocolate dipped strawberry latte” I won’t know what you’re talking about.

  9. Rose are red
    Wine is blood
    Blue is ice veins
    😆 ** I don't know how to finish this

  10. Advise: instead of spending $5 on coffee daily buy yourself a Nespresso machine 😉 You'll never go back to crapbucks after that, I promise.

  11. I can attest how fattening Starbucks is. I gained 20 pounds in my first 3 months

  12. Starbucks coffee is downright awful. Its all the marketing and syrups/sugars dumb people go for.

  13. i am a barista and im not fan of starbucks im so sorry starbucks but i can make my own coffee the same as yours. people are paying only for the name "starbucks" and nothing is special with your coffee its just like for me a common but expensive!

  14. Next up: ways Chicken of the sea is lying to you about chickens.

    This video isn't quite working out as intended me thinks.

  15. Candy coffee for kids.
    $1 worth of cheap coffee, $4 worth of hype and additives.
    Tried it several times. Yuk!
    They don’t know “beans” about coffee.

  16. I have visited Italy recently, and Italian coffees are 100 times better than Starbuck.  Starbucks is a fraud business model and their prices are over priced. The left wing brain dead love Starbucks only for their brand names. Good thing Starbuck is  losing business in U.S.A and moving to China Slowly. their home delivery system is not going to help them to survive.

  17. Ik some people don't like that I'm saying this… but I don't buy Starbucks bc they give money to planned parenthood. Ik people won't like that I'm pro life but theyre gonna have to live with it

  18. There are a lot of calories! Gee! With all the high calorie ingredients that are in the drinks, who knew! If you don't want high calorie drinks, don't order them. If you want real pumpkin, get a piece of pumpkin pie. I know they now put real pumpkin in the pumpkin spice latte now but I would have been fine without it. Just another "Starbucks bashing video".

  19. people say alot…but what LoL they serve slow poison…and guess what we buy it

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