Eggs Health Benefits For Nutrition, Protein, Cholesterol, Choline

Egg Benefits Whole eggs, specifically egg yolks, are one of the most nutrient dense food sources that we have in today’s society coming in a close second …

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  1. There so much to learn from Shaw Brothers movies. Your welcome

  2. "Possibly even other chickens which is fucked up" Didn't think I could like or respect you more until I heard that. So down to earth, real, honest, and you actually care about the human condition enough to put this information out there for free. Thank you so much Chrisopher Walker.

  3. I was found to have NAFLD in June 2020, read that egg yolks have choline and started eating 1 egg a day. After 2 weeks my liver pain disappeared.

  4. Hi chris any videos on hashimotos and healing and boosting testosterone

  5. animals were put on the earth for us to eat, as the grass was put on the earth for them to eat, as we were put on the earth for the grass to one day feed off of as well. Life is not little kid disney movie and never will be no matter how hard you try to make it that way.
    (only movie that had it right was the lion king XD)

  6. Eat to live…righteously. The Most High (God), Farmer, Caretaker & Chicken…I grateful! Three scramble (light) & two soft boiled (1: morning & 1: 6 PM supper (Pete & Gerry's: Organic Eggs). ~Bachelor I Stand…Got Dignity!

  7. That’s a good thumbnail and can’t stop looking at it when I scroll through other vids 😂 lol

  8. Hi Christopher Walker.. could you please make a video about how to be taller and grow bones after the age of 25.. like what type of growth hormone is going to help bones to grow longer and bigger

  9. Free range means they are not in cages, free range pasture raised means they are out in a field.

  10. When he said that chickens eating other chickens is fucked up. That was funny

  11. Hi Chris, Thank you for the video. Quick question for you, what are your thoughts on consuming eggs Raw?
    : )Tyler

  12. Diets never work well, but healthy variety of foods and only eating once a day works best.
    The stomach needs to take a break just like we do to do the best job.
    Yes Grass fed eggs and Chicken liver / hearts for Vit A, Butter for needed fats, No sugar just reasonable amt. of fruits and some Veggies. Chickens must run free range on grasses and insects / left over scraps to have a healthy egg.

    If you feed chickens a lot of grains & bought up GMO garbage, your eggs will be quite unhealthy to eat. If you do this the eggs will have very little Omega 3 and up to 20% omega 6. – This would be very unhealthy to consume! I know nobody knows these things but its true. Eggs are not all the same. IMO

  13. You sure going to help me become a healthier human! I’m 34 and going downhill! Ugh!

  14. HI Christopher, I have read many studies stating the link between Choline and prostate cancer. To sum up it changes to Trimethylamine in the gut, which may increase inflammation that progress prostate cancer to a lethal state.
    Can you please research it is very confusing. Thank you.

  15. I eat 16-20 eggs a day and I am in the best shape of my life.

    IF and Keto adjacent help as well.

    This video gave me a lot of new info regarding my favorite food.

    Next week I start 28 eggs every day for a month to 6 weeks.

    Great video.

  16. what if an igg antibody test shows positive to have an inmune reaction to eggs? should i stop eating them? bc that causes inflamation.. is it worth it to keeo eating them bc all u have said?

  17. Just eat them raw with one or two drops of Lugo's iodine at 10% and you will never get sick.

  18. Chris,my thyroid is under active and i have fatty liver.I also store fat in my abdomen.
    What diet plan is best for me?

  19. A woman that I'm going to date soon like oatmeal with her eggs over-easy.

  20. Lol. Why is it illegal to advertise eggs as nutritious in the US?

  21. Conventional eggs din't have the thin film between the shelf and the white stuff. That is a good clue to recognize if the egg is organic or not.

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